Globe West 2022 Trends & New Collection

Oct 10, 2021 | Anoushka's Blog, Interior design and decoration

It’s been yet another year of challenge in terms of the way we live day to day. I mentioned in my last trend update with Globe West how I was noticing consistency around how people are feeling and thinking about their homes. More than ever these spaces have become the sanctuary that we all need in times of change and unrest. And I’m finding this is still very much the case. My industry is busier than ever. With less time overseas, and more time to think about our homes many have put their energy and budget into making their spaces work harder from both a function and form perspective.

That’s why I wanted to showcase a couple of the new trends that Globe West recently launched with their new 2022 collections. Again, there are 6 trends in total; A Simple Moment, The Rising Sun, The Narrative of Nature, Absence & Presence, Classic Ancestry, A Good Time Home. The 3 that I want to highlight here and that really spoke to the sentiment my clients are showing are the following:


Source image: Globe West

Nature always needs to be considered in trend forecasts. This trend in particular takes in the Australian landscape, creating a grounded connection to nature with a resort style ambience.

Oversized slouchy seating paired with crisp stone pieces and matte ceramics all create texture and a simple sophistication. Natural linen, oak, travertine and seagrass along with Cypress green and sage, and neutrals such as chalk, pebble and sand really deliver on that connection to the environment around us.


Source image: Globe West

This trend is all about restraint, quite the opposite to the below “The Good Time Home”. Contemporary craftsmanship and timeless forms create an elevated interior that should never date.

Fluting detail, art deco influence and contemporary elements are all present here. Carrera marble, tweed, contrasting light and dark colours including fawn, clay and antique brass all play a part in this quietly classic interior.


Source image: Globe West

Brave use of forms and colour create a sense of joy in this trend. Expression is seen through a fusion of geometric shapes along with modern and contemporary forms.

A mix of coloured velvets, green veined marbles, and red travertine can be seen in this trend. Soft hues and dark tones of merlot, burgundy and cinnamon make for a warm, textural and interesting colour palette.

Take a look at the full release of new collections here. And if you’re interested in sourcing any of these pieces or need help in decorating a space then please feel free to reach out to me here.

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