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Mar 13, 2017 | Anoushka's Blog, Interior design and decoration

Styling supplier heavy weight, Urban Road, recently launched their updated collection of wall art, acrylics, cushions, and rugs for Autumn/Winter 2017.

If you dont know Urban Road but are wondering, where have I heard that name?.  Theyre a heavily featured styling partner of the Lifestyle channels, Selling Houses Australia.  Possibly thanks to a close relationship with the shows designer, Shaynna Blaze, who has created three collections with Urban Road. 

Whilst Shaynnas collection remains unchanged, Urban Roads Autumn/Winter 2017 Illusion collection is a moody range of 96-pieces. 

In Urban Roads own words: Illusion explores the opposing forces present in nature and the female form, the delicate and the fierce, geometric lines and fluidity, simplicity and glamorous intricacies, the warmth of romance and icy cold of winter. 

Theres no doubt that the range showcases a quintessentially winter palette of deep colours such as navy, charcoal, plums, teals and emerald greens along with some lighter pastels which provides a delicate balance that is both bold and serene. Think: gem stones, abstracts, florals, photographic and of course geometric prints.

The range is available across print, canvas, and framed.  There are also a number of accent cushions to help tie artworks into a space, if required. 

Whilst more focussed around the changing season than the Designer boys recent catalogue (see my recent blog post here) there is still enough warmth in this collection to make it usable all year.  Depending on how your room is dressed and your palette, of course.

Whilst the majority of the collection is open to the public, wholesale access remains exclusive to the design trade, so feel free to contact SSI for more details and pricing. To see the full catalogue, click here.

*Photos taken from www.urbanroad.com.au courtesy of their new 2017 Lookbook

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