Gorgeous Grey

Sep 10, 2012 | Anoushka's Blog

Geometric grey patterned fabric from www.etsy.com

I’ve always been a girl who is drawn to warmth, I suppose moving from the UK to Sydney, Australia is testament to this. The same could be said about the colours I surround myself with. From the fiery reds in my open plan living, dining, and kitchen area, through to the beige, cream browns and autumnal shades in my guest rooms. However of late I can’t help but admire the fabulous interiors where grey is used as the dominant colour. And the contrast of grey and white together makes me want to get a paint brush in hand and redecorate my whole house!

Grey chevron fabric from www.etsy.com

In the interior design industry a trend towards grey is very aparant. Through use of concrete and steel tones both in the materials used and colour palettes chosen for decoration. It’s important to use grey in the right way otherwise you could end up with a very empty and dull interior. You can off set the coolness by using warmer accent colours such as yellow or orange. Grey walls are a fabulous backdrop for artwork and wall hangings. Use warmer greys if you favour timber and natural finishes. Cooler greys are great for the right room. When a room is drenched in natural light you can get away with something a little cooler as the light will naturally warm up the space. Mix white with the grey in this instance and then let the light do all the work!

With this trend in mind there are some fantastic fabrics to choose from that will really help bring your interior to life. Try this gorgeous chevron for a bang on trend look, or for something a little more timeless this polka dot will add a little chintz to any interior. And don’t be afraid to mix and match patterns when using the same colour palette, you’ll be surprised at how interesting this will look.

Grey polka dot from www.etsy.com

So no need to plump for white or cream if you’re afraid of too much colour and want to keep your interior calm, try grey, give it a go and create a timeless, elegant interior to be envied by all.

Happy decorating.

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