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I do love designing compact kitchens. Making the most of smaller spaces can be easy and you can really go to town on your finishes as you don’t need a lot! So, what’s important in terms of the planning for small kitchens?

Rozelle Project – Small kithcen with clean lines, few finishes and benchtops clear

Of course, storage has to be up there and often we are challenged for space to try and get in a decent pantry, great drawer storage and things like a good-sized pull-out bin. Make sure you are making the most of your ceiling height, go as high as possible with your joinery, and go custom made as this way you will squeeze out every inch of space. For your pantry don’t think that it must be deep, in fact I prefer a shallow 350mm/400mm pantry as you can see everything when you open the doors and don’t loose food at the back where it’s hard to reach.

Wahroonga Project – Slim 350mm deep pantry at the end of this kitchen

Also light is key for any smaller space. Don’t clutter your window into the kitchen with too much surrounding joinery unless you can help it. You can always install open shelves into the window area, or just have closed upper cabinetry on one side and open on the other.

Appliance choices are also important when space is limited. And if possible integrated is preferred and it looks so much more streamlined. Single door fridge, 600mm cooktops, 600mm ovens, standard sized or slim dishwashers or even a single dishwasher drawer are all my go-to’s. Plus, a single sink with a separate drainer, you can’t beat that for saving benchtop space.

In terms of finishes I do prefer to keep drawer or door pulls to a minimum, so finger pull to open on most with perhaps a feature handle on the pantry. Or small hardware that’s not too fussy like below. Again, this all goes a long way to a cleaner and sleeker look.

Lane Cove Project – simple door pulls, minimal colour and finish variations, feature in the floor

And one last word on small appliances, try not to have too many out on your benchtop if you don’t have space for an appliance cupboard. And the appliances that you do have I would recommend they all be in the same finish, white, chrome, satin stainless, you want consistency here, so it doesn’t look too cluttered.

Happy designing!

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