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Hi All. I was given a nudge by a very good friend who is renovating her master suite, adding in a new ensuite and also reworking her built in wardrobe. She was saying how it’s hard to organise smaller items and I totally get it. It’s easy to work out how much hanging space you need versus drawers, but what about the small stuff?

I’ve designed a couple of really large walk in robes recently and was able to really get down to the detail on storage, so here are my ideas on how to get the best out of this space in your home.


I like to try and incorporate a hamper when room allows. Maybe even two for lights and darks. There are a couple of things you can look at here. Either have your cabinetry supplier carve out a space where you can pop in a freestanding basket by dividing up the space next to half hanging or drawers. Then source your own basket, something without a lid and preferably with handles and a soft bottom so you can easily slide it in and out when needed.

Or you can install a pull out wardrobe hamper on a track. These are usually fabric and are suspended on sliders much like the image below.

Image and product from Tag Hardware

Ties and belts

I don’t mind those tie and belt hangers that you can get. But I always find that they take up a lot of space, ties can slide out and the hangers can end up looking really untidy. Recently I kitted out a shallow drawer in a robe with simple white timber dividers into about five by 6 equal square cubby holes like the image below. You can also buy these off the shelf to insert in drawers.

Image from

Shoe storage

There are some great storage systems for shoes now. Talk to whoever is making your joinery for what solutions they have access to. Quite often you can look to install open style shelves that pull out and depending on the depth of your robe you can fit shoes in two deep.

Dress Jewellery

Same as the ties and belts storage here. If you’re like me and like to wear chunky dress jewellery it’s hard to find a good spot to store these. If you can dedicate a whole shallow drawer and divide up into equal parts so it looks nice and neat and each cubby just big enough for one necklace or a watch. If you want to get really organised them group your pieces into colour!

Image from Pinterest

More delicate Jewellery

Again recently I worked on a robe where my client has quite a lot of delicate pieces of jewellery that she wanted to store in her robe space. You can again divide up a shallow drawer with fabric lined cushioning creating slots and spaces for those pieces. Or if you have run out of drawer space but have a benchtop in your robe area, or a spare shelf then fabric lined glass boxes are a great way to easily see what you have and then can be access with ease. It’s also a nice way to protect your valuable pieces.

Image from

Image and product from West Elm

Happy organising!

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