Feb 8, 2016 | Anoushka's Blog, Interior design and decoration

Dining room details, Lane Cove

Between early January and the end of March is one of the busiest times at SmartSapce, in terms of the concentration and the amount of business enquiries I receive.  Why, you might ask?  It’s all because of Easter!

Early hot-crossed-bun sightings aside, realistically a lot of projects that get started late in the year get put on hold because of Christmas.  By the time they’re revisited in January, people realise there just isn’t enough time to get everything completed before the Easter holidays.  Hence, the flood of calls I receive from people needing urgent help with designs, trades and sourcing.

As such, I developed the E-décor service. This not only maximises my time but offers clients the quickest possible turnaround.  It also means I can stretch my own service area within Sydney and interstate, whilst offering cost efficiencies.

E-décor still offers a full interior design and decoration service, but delivers it via Skype, email and phone. I work closely with my client to identify their style whist providing:

  • Furniture placement plans
  • Electronic designs and specifications
  • Design advice
  • Suppliers and samples, where possible.

So, if you’re in need of quick turnaround design support to improve and add value to your home, have a think about my E-décor service.  To find out more, click here, or to see an E-décor case study, click here.

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