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I talked a little last time about introducing colour into your kitchen design and touched on appliances. It got me thinking about the process my clients and I go through when choosing appliances for a kitchen, after all without great appliances you could end up with a pretty disappointing kitchen.

So what do you need to think about when choosing your appliances? Here are some pointers below on each key piece and what to consider:


I start with this as I find for most it’s the hardest appliance to pin down. Probably because it’s the appliance that takes up the most amount of space, and if not selected well they can look ugly. If you are going for a minimal streamlined kitchen, think about an integrated fridge much like my project below with the integrated Sub-Zero fridge/freezer. These do tend to be smaller units, so consider the amount of storage inside.

Willoughby Island and Cabinetry

Willoughby Project: Integrated Sub-Zero door and 2 drawers

If you don’t mind your fridge being on show, then I steer my clients to the more streamlined designs. I’ve designed a lot of kitchens featuring black of late so I’ve tried to ensure in the design the black wraps around the fridge and we choose a black fridge which can really help disguise it too. If stainless steel works for you then choose something that doesn’t have super chunky doors, I like the newer Fisher & Paykel fridges for a clean look.


Again, similar to the fridge conversation, integrate if it’s really on show, if it’s tucked on the inside of a kitchen island then perhaps there’s no need to integrate. Be careful of the XL sizes as these can raise your overall benchtop heights, so talk to your joiner rather than the appliance rep on the repercussions of the dishwasher. I always like to choose an eco-option too, something with great water sensors and varying programmes for lighter loads. Stainless steel is the usual finish if not integrating, but there are other options out there now.

Pymble Project: You don’t have to integrate, stainless steel can work well


There was a trend back towards all in ones (both oven and cooktop units) however I’m starting to see people move away from this. I’m still designing a lot of kitchens with the ovens staked, a combination of 2 ovens, maybe one as a combi steamer or microwave option in it. Warmer drawers have also been popular underneath the ovens. If you re after a larger oven maybe a 90cm then these look better under the benchtop in line with your cooktop. Again, these are coming in all glass finishes for a streamlined look, white is back too big time!

For your cooktop induction is probably more popular these days but I still see a fair amount of gas. Also, a flushmount induction can loo stunning in a modern kitchen design like this Wolf induction top that we installed in a project last year:

Willoughby project: Wolf flushmount induction cooktop

If you’re a fan of gas and wanted a more integrated option the Pitt burners that get installed into your benchtops are a really special addition to any kitchen:

Forestville project: Pitt cooktop


Really you’re guided by your cooktop here in terms of size. And then I either specify fully exposed with canopy for a traditional kitchen or integrated under cupboard for most others. Check the sound output and go for the quieter options and also check that you can take the filters off and pop them in the dishwasher.

Then you’ve got your optional extras like wine and beverage fridges, either in the kitchen or perhaps an outdoor bbq area. Small appliances such as dishwasher drawers for overflow in the pantry, coffee machines that can be totally built in, and as I mentioned things like warming drawers.

Built in wine and seperate beverage fridges

I hope this helps, speak to the experts in the showrooms and always check back with your designer or joiner that what you choosing will work in your space and your design.

Happy shopping!

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