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May 28, 2018 | Anoushka's Blog, Interior design and decoration

This has to be one of my favourite rooms to design. I know I’ve said this before and it won’t be the last time I say it. And I know I’ve written about how to dress a bed, colour schemes for bedrooms and probably great robe storage. This time I wanted to think about the bedroom from scratch. So if you have a blank canvas where do you start? What are the main things to think about to get the best bedroom possible that will last for years to come.

I moved into my current home over 8 years ago and I still have the same powder blue wallpaper, why? Powder blue is one of my favourite colours, it’s also a really calming colour along with greens, and any shade of blue and aqua. So it’s a perfect choice for a bedroom. Over the years I’ve changed bedside tables, lights, bed linen (white and the same blue as the wallpaper) and cushions. I’ve had my tall boy and chest of drawers painted but the colour scheme and wallpaper have remained. Moral of the story is to go with your favourite colour, as a base and add pieces around this, it will last and you won’t grow bored.

But what else should you think about?


Beds are big, it will fill a lot of your floor space even if it’s a double or a queen. So think about flow. Try and keep the largest free area to one of the other side of the bed, the bed doesn’t always have to be centred if that means you’re compromising on flow. If you don’t have a walk in robe then ensure you allow about space for robe doors to hinge open, I avoid sliders if I can as hinged doors allow better access to your internal storage, but they are there as an option if you really don’t have the space.

Then add in your bedsides to the size that works for the space, for a king size bed I like something 60cm and larger, if queen 50/55cm is big enough. Make sure your bedsides are the same height as the top of your mattress.

If you have space add in accent furniture. I like to includes drawers and somewhere to sit. So either a chest of drawers or tall boy and then a bed stool or an occasional chair.


When it comes to privacy think about two things. Does the door to your bedroom lead straight out into another room or can you configure so you have a small amount of privacy hallway. Also if there is a chance the passers-by or neighbours can see in then install privacy blinds and good block outs. If you are building from scratch and can connect your room through patio doors to the outside this is ideal. That connection will always make your room feel more spacious and lighter.


This was so important to me when we renovated. Because our bedroom is on the third floor cooling was really important for summer. Think two-fold here a ceiling fan and aircon. At least then you don’t have to run the aircon all night. And for winter we installed ducted air which heats and cools, perfect for those cooler nights. If that’s not possible think about a gas heater or wood burner well placed in the home to that the heat spreads into the bedrooms too.


I don’t know about you but ambient lighting is far more important to me than task lighting in a bedroom. So I use simple LED downlights for my task lighting and then add in a feature pendant, or wall lights on a dimmer. Then think about bedside lighting (wall, pendant or freestanding), and if your space is big enough a floor light too. These are great for reading at night and allow you to relax ready for a good nights sleep.

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