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I’ve been recently chatting to a client about their lighting install day, and it got be thinking about some standards for pendant light positioning. There’s nothing worse than seeing beautiful lighting positioned incorrectly in a home. Too high and it looks disjointed with the area it’s meant to be lighting and too low can be awkward and overcrowded.

So, here are my guiders for what to think about and some standards in and around heights, drops and placement of pendants.


When thinking about where you might like pendant lighting, especially if you have downlights throughout your home I focus on where I want the feature to be. So often in an open plan kitchen/dining/lounge room you want to pick one maybe 2 areas. Over a kitchen island and a dining table if they aren’t too close together. Or over the dining table and perhaps the corner of your lounge room dropping 3 smaller low pendants into a corner over some custom joinery. I personally do love to drop pendants in over the kitchen island or peninsula, it’s both practical and highlights the area too.

I also often add in pendant in hallways to create ambience and drama, if there’s space this could be a fantastic large-scale feature.

Entry way double height ceiling feature pendants

Then to finish off I look at pendants for bedrooms, either in the centre of the room or over bedside tables (never both, I think it’s too much).


For pendants over kitchens either go from the ensure of the island/peninsula and work out from there, this is best when working with 3 lights, don’t space them too far apart, around 60cm is good give or take, wider is ok for longer islands. If using 2 pendants I like to offset these to one side of the island. With the drop I like the bottom of the pendants to be around 70/80cm from the benchtop. You can go a touch higher or lower than this if needed.

Black and white kitchen

For pendants over dining tables you can drop these lower. It really depends on the pendant and how intrusive it is. So, something between 60-75cm in my opinion between table top and light works nicely when sat at the table.

For hallway pendants think about the height of the people living in the home and the height of your ceilings, 2000 to 2400 is a nice height for these.

Feature light in the entryway accentuate the curved detailing of the hall through to the lounge and bedroom

And for pendants over bedside tables this depends a little on if you have a bedhead. I do like the pendant to connect with the bedhead so I drop the pendant past the top of the bedhead within 10/20cm giving some overlap. And then around 50cm/60cm above the bedside table if you have a low bedhead or aren’t worried about a bedhead.

Always be there when the electrical work is happening for this. Stand with the pendants in situ and try a little up and a little down to see what works best for you. Move around the space and consider how you will be working in and around the lights and the heights if the people living in the home.

I hope these guidelines help with your lighting installations and decisions.

Happy renovating!

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