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I’ve been recently holding a number of whole home window coverings consults for clients. In varying property styles, sizes with different needs. Each home is quite different so the recommended coverings will be very different too. Not just from a style perspective but also function. So here are some key things to think about when choosing your window coverings before you hit the go button on your quote:


We want to ensure that the style of the coverings works for your home. So, in a classic home with say Federation features you may want to think about curtains and roman blinds, however in a home with more contemporary architecture you might like to mix up roller blinds and sheer curtains for softness.   What are the choices?

Roman blinds

I’m a massive fan of roman blinds, especially for a home with lots of character. Soft romans are my favourite, they have a bit less structure and create such a lovely softness to a window. Usually you would line your fabric for a block out effect or you can leave unlined for a more sheer feeling at the window. And if you really want to dress your window up you can add borders in contrasting colours and materials.

Rozelle project – Roman blinds at kitchen window


Curtains pair really well in rooms with roman blinds. You might have a large window, floor to ceiling and roman’s just aren’t suitable for this opening. Then look to curtains to offer you either privacy and softness with a sheer curtain set up or block out curtains for warmth and privacy at night. I often mix the two with a double curtain. Curtains can really dress up a window, and again you can add detail with contrasting panels and borders.

Beecroft main bedroom – block out curtains 

Roller blinds

Super practical for media rooms, modern homes with floor to ceiling glass where you don’t want to interrupt the architecture or view out. I also really like these in wet areas such as bathrooms and laundries. Options for block out and translucent mean you can filter light, UV and block out completely where needed. I often add softness in a bedroom with a sheer curtain and pop a blockout blind behind for sleeping.

Forestville project main bedroom – sheers with hidden block out rollers behind

Function specific blinds

These could be dual blinds where the sheer and the blockout sit within the same blind, see below

Mosman project : Dual roller blinds

Or honeycomb blinds often used for skylights and harder to reach windows. They have great thermal properties but can fail easily so worth investing if going for these. You can also apply these to normal vertical windows too, they look pretty cool and have a lovely soft close and open mechanism.


Plantation shutters are still very popular, especially near the ocean. They do create a lovely Hampton’s vibe in a home. I would only use these if I have plenty of light coming into each room and also plenty of space around the windows to open and close for cleaning and opening windows.

Lindfield project: Shutters in formal lounge


All of the above offer different functions. From decorating your windows and softening them, through to offering privacy, light control, as well as heating and cooling control. Make sure you consider what the room is being used for and by whom. Is light control in the day important, but perhaps you don’t want to block out natural daylight completely? Or are you looking to warm up a room in winter? Do you have sensitive sleepers in a room that wake at the first sign of sunrise? All of these things will dictate to an extent what application you opt for. Speak to your specialist and take their advice both on function and installation. Window coverings can really make or break a room so you want to get this right!

Happy decorating.

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