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Often after a renovation there is very little left in the budget to spend on decoration. Or perhaps you are looking to freshen things up and want to inject a more luxury high end look without breaking the bank. Well, there are a few ways you can achieve this and you’ll be surprised at how easy it can be.


Pendant feature lights, wall lights and even freestanding table and floor lamps can make a world of difference to the look and feel of a room, especially at night-time. You also don’t have to spend thousands on feature lighting to create high impact. For instance, these wall lights in my Beecroft project main bedroom were a few hundred dollars each and they really life that feature wall and bring a touch of luxe into this space.

Beedcroft project: Main bed wall lights


Sheer curtains and the easiest and most cost-effective way to dress your windows whilst creating that sense of luxury and quality. There’s something about the softness that they bring to any room. I often use them in main bedrooms, but don’t be afraid to use them at large windows and doors out to decks or balconies off of kitchens and dining areas. Kitchens can feel a bit hard with all of the stone, tile and joinery, if you can’t bring in upholstery through banquette seating, dining chairs or stools then think about sheer curtains.

Forestville project: Sheer curtains for softness in main bedroom


Sometimes people can play it very safe when pulling a room together. Soft neutrals in varying tones isn’t enough if you want to create that high end look. If you aren’t into colour then think about adding texture through the addition of a self-patterned rug, or beautiful linens and velvets. Velvet especially evokes a luxurious look and feel, for instance use velvet in your cushions for a quick update.

Lane Cove project: Mix of linen and velvet cushions

Or on a bedhead for a more permanent fixture

Lane Cove project: Velvet bedhead


It can be so easy to drop your furniture into your room and place it up against walls, also many people fall into the trap of ordering pieces that are too small for their rooms. Plan your space carefully, it’s sometimes better to have fewer items and make them bigger for instance consider a larger sofa with a return rather than a straight sofa and 2 chairs, you may find the sofa is far more utilised depending on the shape of your room. Also pull your furniture out from the walls where possible, place a console behind a sofa to decorate with table lamps, plants and candles. This often adds that layer of luxury that you might be looking for in your lounge room.


The things that you touch and feel in a home are the things that really send off that high end vibe. It’s pretty easy to update some of your hardware such as door levers, joinery pulls and doorstops. Why not think about upgrading these throughout your home to something a little more special. Put some thought into the materials, maybe match in with your brushed nickel tapware with satin chrome hardware, or for fun in a rumpus, kids areas and even areas like the powder room and laundry bring in different materials such as leathers, timbers or natural stones for your hardware, these elements can deliver big impact.

Riverview project: Tan leather pull handles on robe

Have fun updating your home, perhaps you’re doing a refresh over the holiday’s or thinking about a new years project. If you’re renovating, furnishing or building don’t hesitate to reach out.

Happy decorating!

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