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Let’s talk kitchen styling. Kitchens are the heart of the home, and so are definitely worth some focus when you’re thinking about how to style your rooms. This space for me follows some of the same rules atS bathrooms, most items need to be practical, however I think you can also have a bit more freedom to ‘decorate’ in a way that isn’t practical in a bathroom maybe due to space and in terms of humidity and cleanliness.

What do I mean by decorate?

I’m talking about great pieces of artwork for your walls, think about the colours in your kitchen joinery, stone and maybe even your views from your kitchen outside. Bring in some colour through your artwork that complements all of these aspects.

If you have a dining space in your kitchen can you bring in fabrics on your dining chairs, or even better built-in banquette seating that adds some colour, pattern or texture to your kitchen.

Blue art in dining room with fruit on table

AAD Wahroonga project: Decorative fabric and artwork

I also focus on a cluster of decorative pieces either on the end of an island or in a corner of the benchtop, look for a great vase with flowers or a plant in an amazing pot, a fruit bowl that works in with your colour scheme and also a candle or décor item of interest.

You can also think about your bar stools if you have a breakfast bar as a chance to decorate too. Using these to bring in an interesting shape, material or colour just adds another layer of interest.

AAD Forestville #2 project: Textural stools, cluster of decorative items on the island bench and artwork to the left

And what about the practical pieces?

Here you can think about small appliances that are out on show every day, there are some great options to continue your colour scheme. I recently added this awesome stove top kettle into the mix in my space, along with a couple of the small dishes, this colour works perfectly with my blue kitchen:

Le Creuset Sky blue accessories

Also things like tea towels, chopping boards, storage cannisters, dinnerware, even down to handwash next to your sink on a lovely marble tray can all add to your décor. If you can bring in well thought out pieces that serve the function but also look great, this is where that final layer really can take your kitchen from bland to  awesome fairly easily.

AAD Willoughby project: Cluster of chopping boards, salt and pepper dispensers and plant

Happy decorating!

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