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Part 6 and the final part in my how to style series is focussed on styling your bedroom. Here I’m thinking about an adults bedroom. Whenever I furnish this room for clients, I’m always asked to help style. I think for some it can be a difficult room as in the bedroom you can afford to be a little less functional and focus more decoratively.

There are often a number of key elements that I think about here. What needs to be stored away, what functional pieces can be out on show, and what areas can we simply decorate with interesting pieces.


I’m talking about storage needs for jewellery, cuff links, watches, make up (if you don’t keep it in your bathroom or have a dressing area in your bedroom), trinkets etc. I like to source cohesive storage for these items. Large jewellery boxes, especially a couple in different sizes that can be stacked for an interesting moment. Make up can also be stored away in attractive bags, vanity cases or boxes. Trinket bowls next to beds sitting on top of a stack of books is also a nice way to keep your daily items together.

Jewellery boxes and trinket bowls make a nice moment in a bedroom – AAD Wahroonga Project 


Here I’m thinking about perfume bottles, these can be placed on a lovely tray on a dresser. If you have a few pairs of glasses and sunglasses these could be placed in a glass display box so they are easily accessed but also look great and are kept protected.  Anything that you use daily and looks interested can be displayed attractively, you just need to organise it in the right way.

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Here is a chance for you to add artwork either on the walls or simply leant on a dresser or tallboy. I also have regular elements that I always like to add in to a room depending on how much surface space I have to play with, a mixture of these items will always add warmth and life into a bedroom:

  • Small table lights
  • Smaller pot plants
  • Large crystals or a collection of smaller ones in a decorative bowl
  • Candles
  • Stack of books next to the bed
  • Vases, and often fill these with a small bunch of flowers
  • Personal photo’s in frames such as wedding day pics, pictures of your children or partner
  • Interesting decorative objects that talk to your personality

Bedside styling in adult boys bedroom – AAD Riverview Project 

Styling for a Desk area in a bedroom – AAD Forestville #2 Project 

All of the above can work together creating small moments throughout the bedroom that connect with you and your personality. Dressers, bedside tables, tallboys, shelves are all great places to create interest.

I hope this helps make your bedrooms more interesting. Reach out if you have any questions on

Happy decorating.

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