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Part 3 of my how to style series will focus on bathroom styling. This is a room where I always get asked “how do I soften this space, style it up and make it feel welcoming?”. It’s pretty simple, as in a bathroom you want most things to serve a purpose. Therefore anything like towels, shower mat, dispensers etc you want those items to add a level of texture or colour (or both) to your design and play a part in bringing the space together. So here are some things to think about when investing in pieces for your bathrooms:


Here I’m talking your towels, shower mats, face washers they can all bring a sense of texture and colour to the room. Invest in lovely towels, they don’t always have to be white! But if you have a strong colour in your tiles sometimes it is nice to bring in a more neutral colour in your towels. Having said that I do love it when I can find the perfect shade to match my feature colour in a bathroom much like this green in the towels and how they work so well with our green feature tile.

Anoushka Allum Design Brookyn project – sage greens


This could be a lovely set of hand pumps that you refill with your handwash and moisturiser. Or if you’re like me and like to change these up I search for the prettiest brands and amazing smelling products to use in my bathrooms. Set these on a marble or cement tray to keep them tidy. You can add a candle, face towel and maybe a small dish for personal items.

I know this also may be going a little too far but I do like the toiletries that I have out on display so around the bath or in the shower to have consistency and not clash with my overall design. So well designed bottles, soaps and soap dishes.

Anoushka Allum Design Beecroft Ensuite vanity – tray and decorative pieces 


Some may say these are bathroom essentials, especially when creating a relaxing vibe for a bath or long evening shower. I’m talking about candles and plants. Whilst these are super decorative they still serve a purpose and easily work well in a space with high humidity. I love a fern or vase of long lasting flowers in a bathroom, and candles are a must near the bath. Again you can choose pots and candles to complement your décor. I like to keep these pieces simple so mainly white but lovely shapes.

Anoushka Allum Design Riverview project – long lasting flowers and candle


Some people love artwork or decorative mirrors in their bathrooms. Especially in more classic style homes where tiling stops short of the ceiling and you have wall space. This is a great way to add interest. Also you can really go to town in a powder room. I often specify wallpaper, decorative mirrors and art for these spaces. Just ensure that both are well sealed at the back of the frame otherwise you risk moister getting in and deteriorating the mirror or art.

Anoushka Allum Design Rozelle project – mirror and wallpaper in powder room

Happy decorting!

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