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Happy new year all, this is my first post back for 2023 and I wanted to carry on with the styling series as we’re all probably rearranging things after tehe Christmas decoration clear out, am I right? Last time in this styling series we talked about styling shelving, let’s talk coffee tables this time. Afterall this piece is front and centre in any living area. There are definite rules when it comes to styling a coffee table. Factors that dictate are of course size of your table, shape and also style (contemporary, classic, retro). These should all play into what you choose to display in your coffee table moment. One piece of advise that I will give for all is to never place anything too high on your table. It’s just not the spot for a tall plant or vase, you will interrupt the view to the TV, fireplace or people that you are trying to have a conversation with. So let’s break it down.


There’s no hard and fast rule here BUT I do prefer round trays with a cluster or pieces on a round table, however I think a good sized square or rectangular table can take either a round tray or a more square shape. Try it and see what you think. If you aren’t using a tray to collect your pieces on then a larger stack of books with a few items placed on top also works. I just find on a round table you need to soften those books with more organic items and shapes. I’ll talk more about that later.

Willoughby Coffee Table

AAD Willoughby project


Don’t overwhelm the table, make sure you leave space around the perimeter to actually pop a cuppa down when needed. Keep all of your styling to the centre. Also if you have a large coffee table you need to make sure you display enough, so in this instance that’s probably two or three sets of items. A stack of books and then to the side a tray with smaller pieces for instance.

AAD Beecroft family room


Here’s the interesting bit. I’ve already talked about platforms you need to bring your pieces together, this can be trays (timber, metal, marble, concrete), or coffee table books or both if you have the space. And then start mixing items in such as a small plant or vase of flowers – always include something organic. Then add in a candle, a piece of interest such as a sculptural piece or a vase/bowl. Then add in your practical pieces like some cool coasters. It doesn’t need to be a lot but think about mixing materials, metals, colours and size of pieces all depending on the style in your home.

AAD Forestville project

You can probably see a formula coming through in my advice and images above, there are definitely rules to follow to get the best out of this space but don’t forget to add in your own twist!

Here’s another of my favourites…happy decorating.

AAD Beecroft project

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