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May 29, 2022 | Anoushka's Blog, Interior design and decoration

At the beginning of my design process, I can often feel my client’s nervousness around trying to articulate their design preferences. It can be tricky for some to pinpoint this into words or even pictures. This is normal, many of us like so many different things that we need to work through a bit of a process to make sense of it all. So today I thought I would take you through the front-end discussions and work that I do with my clients to really nut out that style aesthetic, and by the time we’ve gone through the full design process often my clients are confident when talking about the look and feel that they are bringing into their homes.


Never over-look this step. It’s the most important part in my eyes of the whole process. I get my clients to start their homework about 4 weeks before we kick off our process. By setting up Pinterest boards or Houzz boards for each area that you might be updating it allows you to start sorting your thoughts. So, kitchens, bathrooms, open plan living spaces, laundry, mudroom, outdoor spaces etc. Set up a board for each and get pinning. Don’t hold back, pin pin pin. It might be a colour on some joinery that you like, or the layout of a laundry, or a tile. Add them all in. Gather at least 20-30 images in each board.

Pinterest boards for each room


Next step in the process is that I talk through these boards with my clients via Zoom. We spend at least an hour. Talking through most of the images, why they pinned it, what they liked about it. By doing this it really gels your thinking. You start to see patterns in the images, things that you picked and liked time and time again. It could be a certain type of tile, colour, timber finish. You will see many patterns, and this will start making up your materials palette. This then talks to the overall design aesthetic and will allow you to articulate what that is. And that doesn’t have to be prescriptive, maybe modern retro, traditional Hamptons, Timeless and fresh.


To really then articulate your style, pull down the four or five key images that really ticked the box and fed into those patterns you were seeing, pop those on a one-page moodboard. Then on a 2nd page hone down into the details, metal colours, paint colours, timbers, textures, fixtures. Add words to both pages that summarise what you have gathered, this will then go a long way to pinpointing that personal interior style.

Most of all as you move through your renovations and updates, stay true to your moodboard. Don’t loose sight of what you set out to achieve. Every material, finish and fixture should echo your moodboard. If you do this, you will achieve an interior that flows and hangs together well as you move through each space.

Summary moodboard images and notes

Supporting moodbord with details

Happy renovating!

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