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Many of you already know that during our renovation we knocked 2 rooms into one to create a larger guest room. We often have long term guests from overseas and so it was important to us that we had a comfortable space for our guests to feel at home in.

What that means is that our Master bedroom is smaller than the guest room. Plus, it’s a little awkward due to door placement for both entering into the room and also the Ensuite, plus a door to a courtyard. So we only have 2 full walls for the built in robe and bed to be positioned against. If I could I would have made the room another meter wider, but that just wasn’t possible.

We were staying in the guest room for over 3 months whilst we renovated the master bedroom and ensuite. We got very used to the larger space and beautiful outlook with wall to wall windows. So I had to work extra hard to make our master bedroom feel special enough to move back into.

Here are the things that I focused on, or did differently for this room to create a special feeling and welcoming space:


This is the only room in the house with a colour on the wall that isn’t grey. Paint is such an easy way to make a room feel different and special. And don’t be afraid to go for a non-neutral, especially in a bedroom. I painted mine a beautiful soft green that connects with the external courtyard and will work so well once we install our green wall. If the room is smaller I believe it’s better to use all one colour rather than picking out a feature wall with wallpaper.


Because we couldn’t have large bedside tables I installed wall lights above the bedsides at bedhead height. This adds another detail to the room but also is super practical to keep the space we do have free on the tables. I’m in love with our Scandinavian designed fixtures here.

Built in robes

When space is tight build in robes, don’t miss any opportunity to use the space fully. My robes are wall to wall white with sliding doors, and V-Groove detailing on all of the doors. This against the green walls looks stunning. I had to use sliding doors due to the smaller space and access by a bedside, so we installed soft close functions on all of the doors which makes operating the doors so much nicer than the old school sliders. Large deep drawers in the robe can still make it feel luxurious. We’ve got so much storage and it’s super organised.


We had pretty old furniture in our bedroom. So lucky for me it was time for an update! To work with the soft green walls, I wanted to introduce some light oak pieces and also keep the furniture minimal. Given it’s a small space and I wanted to achieve a serene feel the light oak works so well. I didn’t go for a fabric bedhead like we’ve always had, instead a beautiful simple oak timber frame and a timber tall boy for extra drawer storage. These paired with our old white bedside tables is enough. I’m adding once piece of artwork above the bed and we’re done. Simple, elegant, timeless and serene.

I’m not going to spoil my final photo’s so here’s a moodboard to give you an idea on how its all coming together.

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