Interior Design Trends for 2019

Nov 12, 2018 | Anoushka's Blog, Interior design and decoration


There’s always a dominant colour in interiors, and I feel like black is definitely becoming a go to. I’m not talking tapware and fixtures like door hardware (these have been really over done in previous years). I think the trend has gone that step further into architectural features like windows and doors, render, external cladding and also key elements internally such as cabinetry, lighting, fireplace construction. Black is here to stay so embrace it.

Queensland home featuring Scyon Axon and Linea cladding

Sustainable materials

I think this needs to be a big focus for the whole industry. The building and renovation industry are responsible for so much waste. What’s heartening is that 80% of this waste is now recycled. So we’re now seeing that go a step further and using finishing materials in a build that are coming from recycled waste. I met this lovely supplier at a trade fair where these door knobs come from 100% recycled sea plastic, aren’t they awesome! Sustainable fabrics are also becoming really popular like vegetable dyes, worm free silks and organic linen and cotton.

Sustainable plastic knobs made from recycled sea plastics by Spark & Burnish

Terrazzo tile

Yep, this trend is definitely here to stay, and to be honest did we ever really see it go anywhere? I really didn’t think it would be as prevalent again as it is today. If you’re a regular reader of my blog you’ll know that I’ve specified terrazzo for my bathrooms. It’s such a great way to add texture to a space, especially in a bathroom that can end up feeling cold and lacking in texture.

My bathroom tiles featuring a terrazzo floor tile

Timber features

Timber finishes never get old. I don’t think we will ever see a shift away from the warmth that timber brings to a home. Of course the species and finishes change. We’re seeing a huge resurgence in the use of timber laminates and veneers for joinery such as vanities, kitchens, and lounge room cabinetry. Not only that but along with flooring, timber screening in residential homes is proving popular, especially to help separate our open plan living area, vertical slatted screens can be a beautiful feature.

Image source from Pinterest


Always been a favourite of mine to transform a room and add that decorative feature at very little cost. Wallpapers are definitely back, and although feature walls continued to be very popular of the past 10 years I’m seeing a trend to going back to wallpapering whole rooms. Now I’m saying rooms, not whole homes. Think powder rooms, bedrooms, study or dining room. These are areas where you can have some fun and add impact through pattern and colour on your walls.  Geometric patterns are still very much on trend, but I’m also seeing a lot more modern botanical’s coming through and grassweaves are still super popular.

Botanical wallpaper from Designers Guild

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