Introducing Pattern

May 28, 2012 | Anoushka's Blog

I talked about customising your own interior design in a previous post. In that post I used fabric examples with strong pattern (  I understand that it can be daunting when trying to make choices around the patterns and colours to use in your home. It can be challenging to get the right design without it feeling over the top. So here are some tips that I thought you might find useful when trying to introduce interest through pattern.

• Use your fabric as a jumping off point for your whole design concept. It’s far easier to match paint to fabric than vice versa.

• Always pick a fabric based on the pattern in the first instance and then choose the colour palette around this. You need to really love the pattern first and foremost.

• Ensure the scale of the pattern fits with the room size or purpose. For instance using a large print on a small occasional chair won’t work as well as a smaller pattern. A smaller pattern will complement the lines of the chair and not fight against it.

• When choosing several patterns for one room ensure there is a commonality such as a similar pattern or even better the same or similar colours.

• Introduce pattern through elements that can be easily changed as styles change such as cushions, curtains, throws and rugs.

Recently in the Coco Republic Field Notes blog they talked about zig-zags being the new stripe I have to admit I love this idea, and I have personally seen zig-zags emerging this season. For instance for a new take on zig-zags take a look at this image of a gorgeous rug and ottoman from Spence & Lyda in Surry Hills, Sydney ( It works so well in these bright colours, imagine this against a few natural wood furniture pieces and a neutral colour palette. This is a perfect way to inject interest through pattern without it being too over-bearing. If this is still too much for your home tone it down through colour, perhaps try grey and white for a more subtle look.

Feel free to post a comment and let me know of your success stories when introducing pattern into your space, or maybe you’ve been brave enough to go with the zig-zags? It would be great to hear your stories.

Happy decorating!

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