It’s Autumn, how are you keeping your home warm this winter?

Apr 30, 2018 | Anoushka's Blog, Interior design and decoration

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If you’re reading this and living in Australia you would definitely be feeling the cooler months drawing in. I think we were all ready for the cool change, but now that means breaking out the warmer clothes, Ugg boots and heaters.

Quite a big part of the renovations I work on focusses around how to heat and cool our homes. It’s an important conversation to have and whilst my builder and their suppliers are the ones that really do a lot of the leg work here it’s certainly something that I assist with.

As a minimum I think there are some essentials to consider if you’re building or renovating. Here I’m going to focus on heating rather than cooling given the time of year.

Main living areas

So here think about what you would like to create, do you want both heat and ambiance to be a factor, or is just heating a concern. You can think practically around ducted air that can be set to reverse cycle, these systems are super practical and can be discrete internally as long as you have access in the roof space or under the house. The other type of heat to look at is under floor. This is an investment when installing but can give such a wonderful constant heat throughout the day and night.

If you want to think more decoratively then whey not a wood burner for something with a traditional feel, or a gas or electric fireplace with a beautiful stone surround, hearth and design a mantle that makes the whole piece become the focal point of the room.

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If it’s pure ambience that you are after with some heat then the bio-ethanol burners are a great options. Ecosmart have just bought out this beautiful new collection that I know I will be using in the near future.

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I believe that bathrooms are a must when thinking about your heating options. Don’t skip this comfort as it’s not that expensive to install and can add a lot of comfort through the colder months. I like to recommend under floor heating, you can even run some products into the shower which means they shower dries a lot more quickly so you don’t get a mildew build up.

Also a good heated towel rail is a great option as it will heat the room and also dry your towels quickly, again avoiding them staying damp all day in winter. I recently used this awesome heated rail in a project where I had little space, it’s so effective.

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