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I’m talking about this today as I’m finally thinking about the front of my property. After a few years of an internal renovation, back garden landscaping and new deck, and we did manage to wrap the house in new weatherboard and paint the roof, I need to finish off the rest of the front of my home.

It got me thinking about what’s important to create that great first impression. Where to invest and have professionals help and where can you DIY to make your budget go further. Here are the top 5 areas where you will gain the biggest impact.

Clearly marked entry

This was a real challenge for my home as it’s a typical 70’s home with the entry on the side. I had a custom-made house number and arrow made up to mark the way, plus my driveway and path are finished in a way that lead you down the right path (so to speak), and I’ve now added in lighting which helps also. House numbers are a priority, paint your entry door a feature colour to make it stand out, and frame your entry with pots and plants if you have the space. What’s also important is that the space in front of your door has an undercover area, to keep your guests and yourself dry on rainy days.

Mu custom made house number

Landscape the front garden

This is the part I’m working through now. Having a lovely, well planted front garden is by far the best way to lift street appeal. Think about the planting leading your guests into the home. A well thought out design will stand the test of time so I definitely recommend getting a good design done here by a landscape designer. They will save you time and money in the long run, as they know what plants will work for your aspect and lifestyle/care level.

Image source: Homes to love – this is my current inspiration for my home

Ensure your driveway and paths are in good condition

Again, this is something that I’m addressing, having our driveway and pathways refinished will make a world of difference to the front of our home. Mine are original so it’s been a long time since they’ve had a good re-coating. Power washing alone sometimes isn’t enough, but if you haven’t tried a good power wash then this could be your first step. If you are recoating, you need to ensure the product and colour you choose works in with the style of your home.

Exterior of renovated home

Anoushka Allum Design – Lindfield exterior

Great paintwork

Keep in mind it’s worth getting your house re-painted every 10 years externally. This keeps your timbers in good shape and really spruces up the home. If you have mostly aluminium and fibre cement clad then a good clean and wash will do the trick.

Forestville exterior

Anoushka Allum Design – Forestville exterior clad

Create a seating area/veranda

If you have space, it’s worth creating a small seating area on your front porch, deck or veranda. This could be a small bistro table and 2 chairs, or a couple of occasional chairs to sit and enjoy the sun and a cuppa. It also dresses that area and creates an inviting feel for your visitors.

Happy exterior decorating!

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