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I often get asked by clients “How can we improve the function and look of this kitchen to elevate it to the next level?” this is music to my ears. It’s always nice if budget allows to get the most out of the design and the space when it comes to kitchens, after all they are the heart of the home, especially when they are part of an open plan living space.

So here are my kitchen essentials that I think about each and every time I’m putting a kitchen design together.


Ideally this will be a walk in pantry. And if we have space I like to include a sink, extra dishwasher either full dishwasher or a drawer and then benchtop space for appliances. However if space is minimal then open shelving all round is ideal for your pantry goods storage, check out this walk in pantry below that I recently worked on.

Forestville project walk in Pantry

If walk in isn’t possible then think about a decicated space with floor to ceiling joinery the can accomodate all of your food stuff. In my own kitchen I didn’t have room for a walk in so I created shallow double storage that has room for all of our needs. The nice thing about a shallow pantry is that you don’t loose things at the back or have areas that are harder to reach.

My own home pantry


Always always go with custom made. And there’s a difference here with joiners making locally versus ordering from overseas and using standard size cabinets fitting them into your space. We want to make the most of every space we have, and also design to your room. My joiners make everything at their factory here in Sydney to fit perfectly, nothing off the shelf all bespoke.

Beecroft project custom joinery


This is important, and something that I’ve become very interested in of late. I’m learning more about task lighting, visual comfort, how to create layers throughout a room and what fixtures can deliver. I always light under cabinetry on the upper joinery, this can give a lovely softer light at night. And I always specify a good downlight plan in and around the main prep and access areas, fridge, pantry, sink and benchtop. Often I will look at feature lighting too, so dropping pendants over and island this can be for tasks as well as if on a dimmer for eating at the breakfast bar. So important to get this right and if you’re not sure it’s worth engaging a lighting consultant to assist.

Feature pendant lights above island at my Forestville project


I’m very particular about what my clients get as a minimum. So the internals of the joinery are very important. I include Blum drawer division systems for cooking utensils, knife block and spice racks if needed. I also include a full cutlery division system, enough to house 2 sets of cutlery if needed. I also like to specify racks if needed to hold plates in place, if not these then matting in the bottom of all drawers to things don’t move around when opening and closing.

Image source:

A great double pull out bin is essential and then finally you can make the most of corners with the pull out systems, I only use this when necessary as they can take up a lot of space internally.

Check out Blum here for more awesome inspiration on internal organisation.

I hope this helps when designing your kitchen. I know I’ve talked about kitchen design before but this is all really getting into the nitty gritty, the smaller things that can really make the difference.

Happy designing!

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