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Hi Guys! Ok so last time we talked about bathroom design, I’d just finished that lovely little bathroom for my Naremburn clients. This week I wanted to focus on kitchens. Kitchen design is a different process and I work this in collaboration with my joinery supplier right from the off-set. I think it’s important to have the joinery supplier involved early in the process, not only does that mean you get 2 pairs of eyes on your project but also it means that no mistakes are made when it comes to putting your kitchen into production.

So first steps are inspiration and moodboard. I do this at the beginning of every design process. It’s so important to get on the same page as my client in terms of look, feel and function. Then I map out the overall space and either draw up a floor plan or work with my joiner on the joinery design, some simple line drawings so that we can tweak and work through with the client to ensure we are making the most of the space and that everything works from a function perspective. Things to consider are:

  • Ensure your pantry, fridge, cooktop/oven and sink are all in a good spot for flow. We talk less about the triangle now when it comes to fridge, cooktop and sink and more about task areas.
  • Task areas, create clear spaces to prep your food, to be able to wash up, and a great area around your cooktop for cooking. You also want to think about having your fridge close to a clear benchtop for when you are taking food out.
  • Bin and dishwasher, I always like to have the bin close to the prep space and the dishwasher next to the sink. However some like to have both close to the sink, this is personal preference.

Clear areas for cooking, washing up and pantry with small appliances.

Now let’s talk finishes. There’s a big conversation here around wear and tear and what’s best for whomever is living in the home. There’s no point in specifying natural marble for a busy family that don’t have time to care, reseal and love their natural stone. So in this instance I recommend quartz stone. I talk to the differences between laminate and polyurethane, and that laminate can be harder wearing in some instances. And also we get down to colour, timbergrains, tiled or stone splashbacks and the profile and hardware for the joinery itself.

Blue and white tile detail Rozelle Terrace Apartment

Tiled splashback, shaker profile doors and pewter handles and knobs for hardware

There’s a lot to consider, the choices need to talk to a cohesive overall design for the space and also take into consideration the era of the home and other style influences in rooms of the home. I then pull everything into a pack, a schedule of finishes, a full set of drawings, a one page electronic design board and finally a quote for installation.

Finishes and style that work with the vibe in the home and for the family using it

If you’re in Sydney and need assistance in designing your space then don’t hesitate to call me and we can talk about how I can help. And if you’re further afield in Australia I can assist you through my e-Designer service.

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