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Sep 23, 2013 | Anoushka's Blog, Interior design and decoration

Hi everyone, over the past 2 posts I’ve been writing about my own home focussing on the refresh that I’ve been giving to my open plan lounge and dining room. It was in serious need of some calm, and balance. I’m really happy to say that the room is completed now and I couldn’t be happier with the final result.  Here are some photos and a rundown of the changes and the decision I made along the way.

Floor plan

I have opened up the space by placing the sofa’s against the walls and moving my TV to the other side of the room. This has allowed for better flow through to the balcony area and also makes my dining area feel a lot more spacious.

Feature wall

As you can see I replaced the red wallpaper with a much calmer painted feature wall in Dulux Mud Pack. This is what I would call a warm grey. I chose this to tie in with the warm colour palette in the rest of the room as I haven’t used a lot of bright white steering more towards the oatmeal shades, creams and timber finishes. If I had chosen a cooler grey this wouldn’t have blended as well with the existing colours.


I swapped out the old brown shag rug and updated with a fresher wool flatweave in black and beige. This is a much bigger rug accommodating the new floor plan and the colour helps to tie in the introduction of black pieces into the space.


I have chosen a smaller TV unit as it sits in front of the balcony doors (the fixed glass panel) it needed to feel lighter and be that little bit smaller. The iron framework in black ties in well with the rug and the new black drum stools that sit to the side of my sofa.

Soft Furnishings

I’ve had my dining room chairs reupholstered in an oatmeal fabric with a black check through it. This has tied them back nicely to the new colour palette and I followed this through in the scatter cushions fabric for the sofa cushions. I’ve also replaced my cream roller blinds that had seen better days with classic roman blinds in a shade that blends well with the new wall colour.

Everything else in the room was existing, I’ve kept splashes of red as the room still needed that extra pop of colour, and the tripod floor light has been given a new lease of life in it’s new position, I love it now as much as when I bought it over 6 years ago.

I hope you agree that for very little budget (just over $3,000) wise and little effort or mess this has been a significant transformation. Let me know your thoughts my emailing me at anoushka@smartspaceinteriors.com

My lounge room before the makeover.

My initial design for the room

The finished room. You can see here the new feature wall colour and rug

Here you can see my new drum stools in place

A glimpse of the new fabric on the dining room chairs.

I love the way the black in the rug, drum stools, scatter cushions and dining chairs pulls both spaces together.

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