Lounge room makeover – Part 2

Sep 12, 2013 | Anoushka's Blog, Interior design and decoration

Hi all. As you may remember from my last post I was in the middle of designing my lounge room to give it a fresh look. I wasn’t looking to change all of the furniture necessarily as my sofa’s are in good shape and I love my coffee table and tripod light. However I was ready to move on from the bright red wallpaper, my old style TV cabinet and also the shag pile rug. Everything felt a bit beige and brown so it was time to inject a fresher more contemporary look.

I was making a decision in my last blog post on new wallpaper or a simple paint colour. I went with a simple paint colour in the end as I thought that this would really help to calm the space and neutralise some of that pattern.  I chose a lovely warm grey – Dulux Mud Pack for the feature wall. The wallpaper stripped off easily, it’s easy when you use a proper wallpaper steamer and a little hard work we had the wall stripped and painted in 2 days.

I’ve had my new rug and TV cabinet delivered and they look beautiful. With a focus on natural tones and black to really ground the design it’s starting to come together. I’ve also had some scatter cushions made that I will add in at the end keeping with the new black theme and also a hint of red to tie in my existing decorative pieces.

I’m now waiting on my dining chairs to be re-upholstered, my new black drum stool side tables and also for my electrician to move the TV point this week and we can work with the new furniture placement. Once the placement is completed and all items are in I will post some pictures of the finished room. Until then here’s a peak at the design, the new paint colour and also the fabrics that I’m deciding on for my dining room chairs.

Email me with your thoughts at anoushka@smartspaceinteriors.com

These are the fabrics that I'm thinking of using for the dining chairs, I need to make a decision and soon!

These are the fabrics for my scatter cushions, they work well with my new colour scheme introducing more black and carrying through the red.

This is the colour of my new feature wall in place of the red wallpaper that I had before. Much calmer!

The drum stools have just arrived and I love them! Great side tables or to use for seating.

This is the original design that I had put together. Whilst I didn't go with the wallpaper, everything else is falling into place.

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