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For the past few years and certainly more so since the beginning of 2020 I’ve placed a big emphasis on sourcing locally when it comes to design. This isn’t an easy task, as a country we rely heavily on imports, more than most if I’m honest, especially in the interior design space. But I’ve seen more and more local suppliers coming through and it’s important that we support our local industry, now more than ever.

With this in mind, I wanted to share with you my top 5 suppliers that locally make, craft and supply in good time (with far less lead times) direct to your door.

Southern Cross Ceramics

One of my go to suppliers of tiles, especially the Artisan range. These tiles work in some many different designs and styles, for bathrooms, kitchens and entryways. Manufactured generally with a 3 week lead time from order.

Blue and white tile detail Rozelle Terrace Apartment

Tiled splashback from Southern Cross Cermamics

H&J Furniture

These guys make most of my seating, sofa’s, chairs even bedheads. Everything is locally made in Sydney and can be uniquely customised for your space and comfort. I really enjoy working with the team at H&J to create pieces that work for individual spaces. And the best thing is their lead times!

H&J custom sofa

Cloth Fabric

Julie designs and prints all of her beautiful fabrics in regional New South Wales. Influenced by the Australian landscape in many of her designs and colour combinations. I purchase her fabric through a trade supplier here in Sydney. Again lead times are good and I love the fact that it’s all sustainably made and such great quality.

Cloth Fabric Spotcheck in Beige

Jardan –

Jardan really is my go to for timber furniture pieces, I’ve also work with their seating options as well. But I love how many options they have when it comes to dining tables, sizes, finishes, styles and lots of other beautifully crafted pieces. Everything is made in Melbourne with sustainability in mind.

Jardan dining table and kitchen stools

Sussex Tapware –

Sussex is a go to supplier when I’m looking for amazing quality tapware and accessories. They design and manufacture from Melbourne. And with a vast amount of finishes to choose from, collections that vary in style and great customer service you can’t go wrong. I purchase these fixtures all through Reece here in Sydney.

Sussex Scala Collection

If you’re keen to talk more about your renovation or decoration project and want to focus as much as you can on locally sourced items then don’t hesitate to reach out to me here.

Happy renovating!

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