Mid-century fever

Jul 9, 2012 | Anoushka's Blog, Interior design and decoration

Retro homes (taken from Etsy)

Hi all, nice to be writing again today. It’s been a hectic week last week with clients but one of my projects got me thinking about how crazy we have all gone for that mid-century look. The fifties, sixties and seventies have certainly been inspiring interiors in a big way over the past few years. More and more we are seeing these designs in our high street stores. It’s hard to ignore the gorgeous clean lines and functional form of a mid-century piece, less fuss more simplicity seems to be the way forward when trying to create this look.

However be careful not to go overboard with this style. You want your interior to stand the test of time, and bringing in too much of this look, or a piece such as something that is heavily seventies inspired may date more quickly than you would like. So here are some ideas on how to create this coveted style without risking your room dating too quickly.

• Keep everything you buy from this period neutral in terms of colour and pattern, you can then inject colour and interest through your soft furnishings and decorative items.

• Don’t go overboard by purchasing everything for your room from this period, mix in more contemporary pieces for a fresh, up to date look.

• For people on a tighter budget shop in your second hand stores. If you’re buying a second hand piece such as a sofa which is heavily mid-century orientated, why not re-upholster with a more up to date fabric whilst keeping the frame of the sofa as is. This will update the look without forgoing that gorgeous style.

• Steer way from cream and brown colour palettes where possible, this will look dated very quickly when paired with the mid-century look. Opt for cooler colours such as grey and white and warm the space with pops of red and orange and the use of timber here and there. This will create a warm feel without it looking too seventies.

• Mid-century can feel quite masculine due to the angular lines and square shape of the pieces. Soften this by introducing round coffee and side tables, or organic patters in your soft furnishings. This will help add more interest and comfort into your room.

I hope you’ve found this useful and that you feel comfortable to try something new in your home when it comes to mid-century style. I’m keen to see your room if you have embraced this era, so please feel free to send me your pictures or comment below.

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