Mistakes people often make when styling their lounge rooms

Aug 5, 2019 | Anoushka's Blog, Interior design and decoration

The main lounge area is often where my clients want me to start when I’m working on a decorating project. There are so many elements to think about for this space, especially if it’s open plan and incorporates a dining area, and your kitchen that people can find it a bit overwhelming.

Are you looking at this room in your home thinking something isn’t quite right? Or you just can’t quite get the sideboard, coffee table, mantle piece styled correctly? It doesn’t matter which area we’re talking about, there are some common mistakes that people make when decorating this room that I have addressed below along with some easy fixes.


This I find it the most common mistake. A room can be perfectly furnished, rugs and artwork on the walls but it stops there. Layers of texture need to be added to make the room feel homely and alive. The best way to do this is through indoor plants. I’ve talked about this before, you all know how much I love my plants. Here’s a short recap, start by sourcing a fantastic collection of pots, all sizes and shapes but stick to one or 2 colours. That way they will work anywhere in the home. Take those pots shopping with you to plant nurseries, talk to the staff there about what plant is most appropriate for the room (low light, warm, cool etc). Also add more than one plant, several different sizes and different foliage will really add that texture that you’re after.


The above goes some way to addressing a lack of texture. But you need layers. So think textural throws for that occasional chair or sofa, maybe choose a rug that has beautiful natural texture and interest. Use baskets to organise magazines, newspapers and kids toys. All of this will add another level of texture into this room.


Argh, if you’re going to have a glass top coffee table you need to be fastidious and clean it more than once a week. If you aren’t that kind of person please choose another more forgiving material. This is my biggest bugbear, I need my interior to be clean and tidy. You can really let yourself down if you don’t keep on top of things. So if you don’t want to clean all the time choose timber, stone, ceramic, and acrylic surfaces that be forgiving with daily use.


It’s such a shame when I see a lovely rug in a room and it’s too small. Or artwork that’s lost on a wall. Generally that’s the common problem, people underestimate what they need. I think walls and floor can cope with larger pieces like this. So if in doubt go bigger than you think. An oversized rug or piece of artwork will make a statement and could become the focal point of your room.

Original artwork by Kate Clarkson


Too much stuff! Too many cushions on the sofa, too many photo’s on that gallery wall, too much décor on your shelves, masses of candles, just too much. This is almost worse than not enough texture, nearly but not quite! Here I would take all of my styling pieces out of the room and bring them back in bit by bit, making sure I leave out at least a quarter to a third. Blank space is just as important and the pieces themselves. So have a play around with it all.

If you’re looking to add those finishing touches, and are struggling with what to do and where to go get in contact on anoushka@smartspaceinteriors.com

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