Mix or Match?

Jun 11, 2013 | Anoushka's Blog

I always enjoy working with couples who have very different styles. The challenge here is to try and merge the two into a balanced interior that visually threads together well. Often I’m merging masculine style – the industrial or super clean lined contemporary look with the softer feminine lines of French provincial or shabby chic. A nice balance between the two is mid-century modern which is of course very popular right now and easy to live with no matter your gender, or preferred style.

Don’t get me wrong there’s something very pure about working with one style, from the monochromatic palette of a super contemporary interior, through to the decoration and detail of a modern French provincial room. However when working two styles together you often get more interest and depth in the design that can be visually rewarding.

The key is to either balance the two styles, applying them in equal amounts to each room through colour, furniture, lighting and soft furnishings, or by favouring one style over the other and adding in one piece from the opposing style creating a feature or talking point. This could be an occasional chair, a sideboard, or a piece of artwork. It’s a bit like using an oversized lighting fixture above a dining table, this can be both interesting and a feature in a room.

Below are a number of designs that I’ve recently  worked on for clients where I had two clear design styles and we worked to create one all inclusive space.

Feel free to email me with any questions you may have on the designs at anoushka@smartspaceinteriors.com.

Super modern with traditional colours, fabrics and pattern

Modern mixed with organic pattern and natural colours to soften

Beach chic mixed with mid-century

Industrial and rusitc with modern feminine

Contemporary mixed with mid-century

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