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Sep 3, 2012 | Anoushka's Blog

Ikea trestle desk making the most of the views from my loft window tucked into this small quiet nook.

Setting up a space to work in your home can be a challenge. From finding a space to fit in a reasonable working area, to creating something that’s functional but doesn’t cost the earth. Talking from personal experience here, when setting up my business from home I needed a big enough space to be able to work at a desk through to an area to create design concepts for my clients, as well we enough storage space and wall space for my inspiration. I was lucky as I had the perfect area in my home earmarked. Up on the top floor of my 2 storey apartment was extended into the roof space creating a master suite, as well as a second living area. So I took half of this living area and built the office into this space.

Initially I wondered if I should have everything custom made so it perfectly fitted the space. I had a nook that would house a lovely desk facing a large window and then behind this over 3 meters of wall space for storage. Having something custom built for an area this size was going to set me back quite a bit. So I started searching for alternative solutions. I soon realised that Ikea had the best selection of desks, storage and of course Ikea is well known for its innovative solutions for wall mounted storage ideas. I had a lot of wall space, and needed to utilise this as much as I could.

So I decided to opt for the trestle table legs and desk top that you see in so many home décor magazines, this was both practical as it is larger than most desk tops, and it looks great in the space! I also found the Besta range which was customisable in terms of size of storage that you require as well as the configuration of shelves, cupboards and drawers. This was perfect for a home office and so I invested in

Ikea Besta storage range filling the back wall behind the desk.

two of these single level cabinets that sit side by side, making this wall seem longer whilst providing me with all of the storage that I can possibly need.

I didn’t want to stop there. I have some free wall space around my desk and so wanted to make the most of this by using some of the clever wall mounted storage ideas for those items that I often use but didn’t want hanging around on my desk taking up valuable workspace. These pots are perfect for pens, pencils and general office items, and this magazine rack works well to hold my client files and brochures that I often need to grab quickly. I’m always adding small details to keep things fresh such as covering my pin board in a gorgeous fabric that I ordered from Etsy –, I use this for the images that inspire me to come up with original designs for my clients. So these images are constantly changing.

Pinboard covered in Etsy fabric and penholders from Ikea.

As you can see I kept the colour palette light, simple and contemporary. I didn’t want too much fuss as I wanted this to be a space that was both calm and quiet whilst providing me the space to be inspired each and every day. The cream, white and greys along with the natural timber work well to create a relaxed space that doesn’t feel busy even on the most stressful days!

I hope you enjoyed seeing where I work every day, I would love to see your home office spaces so feel free to email me your images

Wall mounted file rack from Ikea, great way to get paperwork off of the desk.


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