My home reno – final push to the end

Mar 31, 2019 | Anoushka's Blog, Interior design and decoration

Hi Guys, I’ve been a bit quiet on here the last couple of weeks. I’m normally religious with posting every week here. I just needed a break, time away to focus on that final push at our place. It’s been crazy busy, always seems like the last 2/3 weeks are the busiest as trades just want to get finished up and move onto their next projects, can’t blame them as we’ve been going at this for 5 months.

So what have we achieved since I last wrote? The kitchen is finished, that was such a relief to have a fully functioning kitchen again.  The fridge freezer only got installed on Friday, we had 6 weeks of going under the house to the fridge down there every time we wanted milk, butter or anything cold.

Everything internally is now also painted, that was one of the biggest transformation, not one bit of cream, yellow or brown is left in the house. Painting out all of the teak was the best decision we made, it’s made everything feel so much more modern.

Also our Ensuite is finished, shower screen goes in this week which is the last piece in there. And off of this room the master bedroom is now painted a beautiful green and my robes are being installed today. We have carpet and curtains going in later this week. It’s exciting now that the soft furnishings are coming in.

Now that the lounge room is painted and timber flooring is in, I’m getting the final bits of cabinetry fitted this week. A small TV unit on one side of the fireplace and some floating shelves on the other side to balance. The timber veneer on this works so well with the floor, it’s going in as we speak!

I have to say guys, it’s been rough living and working through it all. These last 2 weeks of painting were probably the hardest. You feel like your home isn’t your own, everything is everywhere, and it takes so much more effort than it should to do simple things like prepare a meal, make a drink or just to try and relax in the evening as there’s so much to do.

I’m not going to spoil the final photo’s, I want to get my furniture in and artwork up, still working on those selections and ordering what we need. But once I”m done I will share with you the pictures. I’n the meantime here are some smaller detail shots.

My kitchen pantry

My European oak floor and blue kitchen

Swedish bedside lights in master bedroom, against green wall colour

My ensuite vanity

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