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Sep 3, 2018 | Anoushka's Blog, Interior design and decoration

Don’t expect to see any pretty pictures today J I posted a couple of weeks ago talking about our new home and lifestyle change from the lower Northshore up to Wahroonga on the Northshore. You may remember the images I shared with you (if note click here), they looked pretty good right? That’s because they were the real estate shots for marketing. Now I’m not saying that this home is ugly my any means, I mean look at that pool! However, it’s super dates, tired, and really does need an update to bring into the 2000’s.

What the real estate shots missed out was the 70’s main bathroom, the partially updated ensuite, the old laundry, and many of the original fixtures and fittings that just won’t work these days.  I love 70’s style homes, which is why we purchased this place. BUT it’s amazing what we take for granted as the norm these days. It’s made me really assess what I can’t live without, what in my mind is pretty much standard.

So below I share with you the not so pretty, the things that I will plan to change in the renovation next year. And also what are the non-negotiable updates (in my opinion).


For me a new bathroom is a must. If the bathroom doesn’t have a decent vanity with storage, a good quality shower, heated towel rails, good lighting and an attractive tile design it’s got to go. The main bathroom in our home hasn’t been touch with the exception of the toilet. It’s still in it’s original state. The ensuite had a bit of an update with newer wall tiles and shower, however it’s still in need for a full face lift. I’m going to make both rooms bigger, as I said in my last post, by taking some of the study next to the main bathroom.

Original main bathroom

Partially updated ensuite


You may remember from the original pictures the kitchen really isn’t that bad. The previous owners designed a really good layout, after using the kitchen over the past few days there isn’t much I would change in terms of function. However the appliances are tired, and so is the cabinetry. So here will be an update for us, new flooring, cabinetry, benchtops and appliances but the services will stay as is. The laundry is another story. It’s dated and has a little toilet at the end separated by a sliding door. I’m going to make that room one, enabling more laundry storage and it also becomes a decent size powder room. Style will follow on from the kitchen.

Tiny laundry, probably an 80’s addition

General storage

I’m a nutcase when it comes to storage and cabinetry. Honestly, I like things just so. If I can’t store things away in a sensible way it upsets me. So I’ll be replacing the master bedroom robes, linen cupboard, hallway cupboard and adding a new robe to the new guest room. Also as you can see my office needs shelving, so I’ll have something custom made here or I may even utilise an Ikea piece. Yes Ikea…we don’t have a endless budget and I find Ikea is great for the home office.

I really need storage in my office


We have some very real original pieces of lighting in some of the rooms. Check these out! I don’t have a full plan yet but what I will do as a start is install LED downlights throughout where possible. Then I’ll add in feature lights here and there as needed.

This guy glows pink when on!

I actually quite like this hall light

Heating and cooling

Being winter at the moment we’re soon realising that this home is cosy. With the gas fire in in the main lounge room and gas heaters elsewhere we’re set. We have very old aircon in the main room and master bedroom so this is going to be a focus before summer hits. We’ll ensure that the home office is cooled and that the other older units get an update.

Going to build in cabinetry to the left of the fireplace and change out the tiles

That’s about all for now. Of course there will be other considerations such as flooring, paint colours, window coverings and furnishings but those things will come much later in the planning stages. I’ll share with you all the plans as we get into the design phase over the next few months.

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