My new home Part 2 – where to save on budget

Nov 5, 2018 | Anoushka's Blog, Interior design and decoration

Hi guys. I know you’re interested to hear how things are going with the planning on my own home. I’m at the point where I’ve got almost everything quotes now as best as I can so the budget is shaping up. I have good visibility around costs, but don’t be fooled when you think everything is costed there will be unexpected items that you’ve forgotten, I’ve got some contingency put aside as when you’re renovating rather than building you never know what you’re going to find.

Now I can start looking at some of the areas that could wait as they aren’t urgent but that we might be able to address while we have trades here. These things for me are more decorative finishes and ideas. So I’m looking at a potential timber screen solution as you walk in the entry, I’m also looking at if I can remove a post in the kitchen to open this space up more. These are things we will add in if budget allows.

Dated fireplace

Something that I do need to address is this fireplace. The gas fire itself is awesome, we moved in towards the end of winter and it was amazingly warm and kept the whole house cosy. However, it’s a bit dated wouldn’t you agree? So what shall I do with it? I would have loved to use some natural stone, maybe Pietra Grey marble, but budget wise this just isn’t going to happen.  To keep cost down but still deliver on impact I’m going to change the stainless surround to black to work in with the fire box and then use a porcelain tile on the top ledge, mitre this down the front and sides and also create a hearth like they have in this picture. I’ll then run timber up to the tile.

These are my 3 choices. I want to keep a retro vibe with everything that I’m sourcing so any of these would be superb. The grey Terrazzo on the right will tie in with the bathroom floor tiles, the textural black tile in the middle just feels like something you would have seen back in the 70’s and how cool is that black pattern on the left, just for fun!

3 tile choices

By having my tiler install these whilst he’s here doing the bathrooms, all I’m really paying for is the surround and the tiles themselves saving more than $1,000 on stone and labour. These are the things to think about and look at alternatives for, sometimes you get a better outcome and can end up spending a lot less.

Can’t wait to share with you the after pics of the choice we make!

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