My new home – Part 3 what to do in a crisis      

Nov 26, 2018 | Anoushka's Blog, Interior design and decoration

It’s never plain sailing when you’re renovating. We’ve had so much to contend with already and we aren’t even half way through phase 1. From issues with sewerage, drainage and asbestos, through to full removal of our concrete slab in the main bathroom (which we hoped we might keep) as it was in a poor state and would have been more trouble down the track.

Just when I thought we had successfully navigated all of these issues, which by the way I couldn’t have done without my amazing building team, don’t ever owner build, it’s not worth it! I get to the end of last week, and I’m lining up all of the orders for arrival this week, and I get a call from the tile showroom letting me know that the tiles I paid for in full weeks ago have been allocated and sent to a developer by mistake. And no more until next January!!! Yep, I nearly cried, so what do you do when you find yourself in a crisis like this? Maybe the materials aren’t arriving on time that therefore delays trades and in turn the overall schedule. And at this time of year getting a 2nd date locked in with a trade is near on impossible.

See the light grey/white tile in the middle? That’s what I had on order.

So I had a little panic and then I calmed myself down and searched through my samples for an alternative that would be in stock. This wasn’t easy, it’s a special tile that I absolutely love. Luckily it’s not my feature wall or terrazzo floor tile, it was the neutral wall tile, but they aren’t a plain white. They are this beautiful very light warm grey/white with a linen texture imprinted through. So soft and interesting. I looked at so many other collections but realised it’s the quality and texture of this tile that I loved so luckily when checking if the next colour tone darker was in…they had stock!

And the new tile in the middle slightly darker grey is what I was able to get. Same collection, different colour.

So my main bathroom will end up being slightly darker and more grey then I had originally envisaged, but I’ve adjusted the lighting plan to work, and I’ll choose a new paint colour that’s going above the tile (as I have very high raked ceilings and didn’t want to tile all the way up).

Guys, renovating isn’t life or death, things can be changed and moved to work. There will be compromises along the way (for example, my toilet is closer to the bath than I would have liked), you will need to go with the flow and what the home needs. And most of all enjoy the process!

More to come on this little adventure soon…

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