My new home – Part 4 – progress is happening

Feb 25, 2019 | Anoushka's Blog, Interior design and decoration

I can’t believe I haven’t talked to you since middle of December about my own renovation. I guess with the 6 week Christmas break there wasn’t too much to update you on. But now we’ve been back into it over the past 4 weeks we’re really starting to see progress on phase 2.

So you remember before Christmas we addressed making 3 rooms larger and removing a room to achieve this. Here’s the plan below to remind you. We managed to finish the guest room and also the main bathroom all before the end of last year. And we framed out the new larger ensuite ready to start up again this year.

Now we’ve moved into that guest room and main bathroom so work can happen to the master bedroom and ensuite. As with any bathroom renovation the prep work always takes the longest, stripping out, removing asbestos, re-framing walls, reworking concrete slabs and moving plumbing, sheeting, waterproofing and now we are tiling again!!! This week is tiling week, both the ensuite and our new laundry. Yep we’re going hard now, with a big push to the final few weeks. This is how the bathroom is looking today

Tiling week!

Our Kitchen comes out tomorrow to make way for some flooring leveling ready for engineered oak boards and our new kitchen which is getting installed next week. Now I’m a tad bit excited for the next few weeks. Here’s some inspiration for my kitchen, yes it’s going to be a dark grey/blue with v-groove detailing and I can’t wait to see it come to life.

Image Source: Hunter & Folk

Then we move into fitting off cabinetry in the mast bedroom, lounge room (with a bit of work happening in and around the existing fireplace to update that), entryway and laundry. Once flooring is in, finishing touches with the carpentry and painting I can finally bring in some of my key furniture pieces. I’ll write about that it my next update, marrying the old with the new to work in with our new 70’s style home.

So next time I write I think it will be close to finishing (probably in 5-6 weeks), and I’ll get some professional photo’s done for the final reveal. Until then, happy renovating!

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