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I’ve been thinking a lot lately about how to define my personal style in terms of interiors. It’s easy to say “I like lots of styles” because I do, and I design using lots of styles for others. There are elements of each that I love. However, what do I actually want to live with, day in, day out?

I don’t think you can really answer that until you have gone through the process of building or renovating your own home. Until you’ve made all of those choices, finishes, materials, fixtures, layout, colours, furnishings, lighting the list goes on. I’ve done this, 3 times in my life personally. And each time my style evolves. But each time I’ve noticed that one thing really shine through.

So what is that one thing? I realise that my favourite rooms or elements all have one thing in common. They all have a balance and simplicity in materials and colour that creates an ease of living. I’m talking soft colours, light timbers, not too many feature pieces, one metal choice, simple joinery, and everything just hums together. Some might call this boring, especially the maximalists that I know out there. But I call it home, tranquil and calm, uplifting when I need it to be but also comforting at other times.

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What does this look like I hear you ask. Well, I take a lot of inspiration from homes set in nature, for instance the above property, wow look at the minimal materials used in this room. Generally these interiors have very little contrast in terms of say black and white, and they generally don’t have ‘hero’ features. What they do have is a consistent materiality all the way through the home. I also take a lot of inspiration from Japanese design, elegance and simplicity at it’s best.

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I’m not saying low beds and sitting on floor cushions is how I want to live, but the restrained way in which these interiors use materials and finishes is just beautiful in my opinion and in some of my own rooms in our most recent home I’ve tried to capture this same paired back look. Our main bedroom and ensuite although they have colour the hues are soft, I used all one colour in the main room, paired with light oaks and white joinery. It’s such a beautifull calm space to rest.

My main bedroom

My Ensuite bathroom

Don’t get me wrong, this isn’t an easy style to achieve. It’s so easy to add a pop of colour, or be tempted by that feature tapware, or tile. But if this is a style that appeals to you then you have to be refrained. So, I’m dreaming of my next reno already, with it’s like oak timbers, clean lines, fresh whites, soft sage greens and no blue in sight this time – what will people say? 😊

Happy designing all.

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