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Many of you will be aware of the recent ban on silica engineered stone in many states around Australia. Many people in the industry will be feeling the repercussions of this change and will need to pivot when selecting and recommending materials to clients. There will be plenty of zero silica products on the market very soon, but what I have noticed over the past couple of years is an increased openness to use natural stone for kitchen, laundry, pantry and even bathroom vanity benchtops and splashbacks.  Whilst 5 years ago this would have been an occasional selection for me to include, in the past 24 months I’ve seen projects almost every ofther month include an element of natural stone. It’s nice to see these beautiful materials back on the radar in residential homes.

Therefore, I wanted to give a run down on what your options are when it comes to choosing a natural stone product, as there is a lot more than just Carrara marble which has become one of the most used natural stones for interiors.


Natural Carrara Marble

This is one of the most used natural stones due to it’s attractive veining and versatility when it comes to design. It’s also creates a high end luxe feel very easily when used as a benchtop and splashback together.

Be careful this is probably one of the softest most porous of the natural stones and needs to be sealed well on installation and taken care of over the years with re-sealing and using the right cleaning products.


Natural Quartzite Acqua

Quartzite on the other hand has a hardiness that marble doesn’t. It’s not as porous or as soft so has become a very popular choice for homeowners when designing kitchens and bathrooms. It’s so strong it can be used in an outdoor application too.

Known for it’s stronger variations, movement and veining it’s not for everyone. But there are lots of different quartzites to choose from so it’s worth exploring options here, especially if the upkeep and care of marble daunts you. There are so many variations from greys to blues, greens and warmer amber tones right through from lighter to super dark options.


Natural Dolomite Super White

I’ve seen this natural stone being used more and more of late. It’s a bit more hard wearing than marble and because there is a lot of white and grey veining through it if marble if a preference for clients this can be a nice alternative. It’s not as strong as quartzite but the veining is more gentle.


Natural Granite Snow White

Granite is the hardiest of all of the stones, can be used indoors and outdoors. Is resistant to heat, chipping, cracks and staining. Such a robust stone for a busy family that doesn’t want to worry about care and upkeep.

It is a heavier stone in it’s colouring and texture, and usually is associated with darker colours as deep as black and dark grey but there are some lighter options out there such as light greys and whites. Just be ready for heavier veining and movement in these slabs when choosing.

No matter which you choose, you’ll be sure to create a wonderful feature in your design, and have a beautiful piece of natural stone that will last for many years even a lifetime in some instances.

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