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There’s no better way to connect your indoor and outdoor spaces than through your furnishings and finishes. I’m thinking about this a lot at the moment as we’re about to start the external landscaping at our place, which includes a new deck off of our kitchen. When choosing hard materials, colours and furnishings it’s important to link that back in with the internal elements, don’t create a disconnect by not considering this.

So here are some things that I’m thinking about and what I work through when finishing and furnishings an outdoor space:


So here I’m thinking through how my internal flooring flows to the external deck area. I have European Oak floors, so for the deck I’ve chosen a Blackbutt, it’s the closest timber to the oak but much for hardwearing for external application. By doing this I will create a nice indoor/outdoor flow.

I’ve already cladded the house out the back with new weatherboards and had that painted a beautiful soft green/grey. This offers a connection with the external landscape and greenery, and it will work for when this grey trend passes as it won’t look dated like a lot of the greys we see externally.

Exterior colour selections

I used white accents such as white lighting, white window frames and doors. This all contrasts beautifully with my green and darker elements like my roof, downpipes and guttering which are Dulux Woodland Grey. And my brighter green entry and side doors.


A big thing I’m working through is my lighting. Especially around the areas that we move around like the entry, driveway, deck and sides of the house. As I said I’ve chosen simple white cannister spot lights (to work with my white accents) for the most part either on sensors or witch  and mixed those in with a couple of feature lights by the entry door and back door that tie in with my fern green accent doors. These are pretty special.

Chapeau outdoor light by Toscot


Now onto the furniture. When I’m working with a client on their outdoor spaces we really drill down on how they might want to use the space. Do we need outdoor eating? Is there also room for a lounging area? What are the priorities here? It’s the same for my spaces.

What I do encourage is to invest in these pieces as the outdoor weather can make furniture look very old very quickly. I also work through my usual process of measuring, drawing up a furniture placement plan and then customising from there. One of my favourite suppliers in Australia and MamaGreen. Their pieces are fantastic with some much choice around colour, fabrics, sizing you can pretty much customise anything.


I’m a big fan of having a good sized dining table, ideally timber top but if too exposed there are some great composite stone options that are easy clean. Comfy dining chairs, ideally with arms if possible. And then either a sofa and a couple of chairs and/or sun loungers with appropriate side tables depending on what space you have.

This then becomes a 2nd living area. And in summer we of course spend so much time outside it needs to be functional and comfortable, as well as look fabulous!

If you’re designing your outdoor spaces and are struggling with decisions, feel free to contact me. We could always connect online by booking in one of my 2 hour Zoom consultations, it might be just what you need to get things moving in the right direction.

Happy decorating!

Note: Top feature image is MamaGreen Bono collection supplier through Sounds Like Home.

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