Pastel Perfection

Nov 5, 2012 | Anoushka's Blog

taken from 79ideas blog

It’s probably not particularly on trend to be talking pastels right now with all of these bright pops of colour that are so on popular.  We’re being told that to be up to date with our interiors we must include the bright accents from bright blues and turquoises, to those hot pinks and happy yellows. However these colours aren’t for everyone, especially if you’ve been used to living with a very natural colour palette in your home.

Blue mood board (picture taken from creative mint blog)

For those of you that can’t live with these bright tones there’s still something to be said about the softer shades of pastels. Set against whites and natural tones and shades these colours really do come into their own. Pastel pinks and blues shouldn’t be limited to babies nurseries and children’s rooms. There’s something beautiful about introducing these shades against a neutral palette, hinting at the playful without being too in your face.

Take a look at these rooms and ideas for some great ways to introduce pastels into your home. The nice thing is that you can combine several colours and because they are all pastels you can’t go wrong with your combinations. It’s a great and easy way to get the designer look without worrying about making costly mistakes. Just don’t go overboard less is more!

These pastels work so well in the white room because the black pendants are helping to ground the design. (picture taken from 79ideas blog)

Pastels used in a workspace. This is a great colour for a desk against the white wall. (picture taken from Holly Beckers Pinterest boards)

It's not often you see a sofa upholstered in a pastel coloured fabric, however this adds a touch of femininity and softness to the room. Also it's a great way of adding interest to an otherwise white interior. (picture taken from Holly Beckers Pinterest boards)

I've used this image in a previous post. However I couldn't resist sharing is again for the pastel theme. I just love how fun this looks in a dining room. (picture taken from 79ideas blog)

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