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Apr 22, 2013 | Anoushka's Blog

I often walk into rooms that are so neutral in terms of colour, pattern and texture that they seem lifeless and uninteresting. People are afraid to add pattern to their interiors, it can feel daunting when making decisions about what works where and what patterns work together to create a cohesive design.

Diamonds and chevron work well together (fabrics form Etsy)

My theory is don’t be afraid to mix patterns. Stripes work with florals, one geometric can work with another such as diamonds and chevrons (pictured above). I don’t believe that there are any hard and fast rules about this when mixing patterns. However one guide that I do follow is to keep a common thread throughout in terms of a basic colour. This helps to pull all of your patterns together so they feel like they are talking to each other, they are friends in a room and sit comfortably next to each other.

Pattern through fabric and cushions (image from

I also try and balance my patterns with enough neutrals, flat and non-textural surfaces, especially if I’m using quite a strong floral or geometric. Yes you want everything to talk to each other in a room however you don’t want that conversation to become so loud that you can’t relax in the space. There should be a star of the show such as a key fabric, patterned wallpaper or rug, and then everything else should be a little more paired back, such as your window coverings, fabrics on your sofa’s and chairs.

Limited colours work well in pattern (image from

One way to add in plenty of pattern without having to commit to expensive applications is through your cushions, throws, light shades and decorative items. These pieces can easily lift a more neutral base and can be changed up regularly to move with the trends.

Marimekko fabric combination

I hope these images give you some inspiration to try something new, mix fabrics and patterns that you might not have tried before. You will end up with a design that feels a lot more interesting and energising.

Important to inject patttern in a neutral room (image from

Happy decorating.

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