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May 27, 2013 | Anoushka's Blog

I recently attended Furnishings in focus 2013, hosted by Warwick Fabrics one of the largest Australian fabric suppliers to both trade and retail customers. The focus of the show is to bring together over 100 Australian furniture manufacturers who proudly make and distribute wholly in Australia. The show is for trade visitors only, so it wasn’t the usual thousands trawling through a home fair where there is no time to really talk to the exhibitors and understand their products and the ethos behind what they do.

I was pleased to see so many quality suppliers using all of the latest Warwick fabrics to showcase their pieces. When talking to the exhibitors they are truly passionate about manufacturing locally and keeping it that way. I admire the Australian spirit and wanted to show you all some of my favourite pieces.

A lot of these pieces are 100% customisable from fabric through to dimensions. But more importantly the quality and workmanship is second to none. You can only buy these pieces through contacts in the industry however feel free to email me for any further enquiries.

Feature pieces light with Warwick fabric for shade

Feature Pieces light with Warwick fabric

Fabulous dining chairs and iphone style table for a contemporary look.

Elegant sofa from a local manufacturer


This chair has been upholstered beautifully in 2 different Warwick fabrics with studwork

Fabulous sofa from a local manufacturer using Warwick fabrics

This occassional chair is lovely for a lounge or bedroom, different fabric on the back

I love this look for a dining chair, great use of fabric

Custom made beds, bedhead in any fabric choice


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