Red Obsession

Apr 3, 2012 | Anoushka's Blog

Famous columnist and editor for Harper’s Bazaar, Diana Vreeland, once said “all my life I’ve pursued the perfect red”. This is a woman who was envied for her personal style and well known for her love of the colour red. In 1955 Diana commissioned interior designer Billy Baldwin to decorate her apartment exclusively in shades of red. Some might say this is a little dramatic, however, you have to admire Diana’s dedication to her chosen colour.

My favourite cushion fabric in my living room

I know I shouldn’t say this, as it’s all about the cool palettes at the moment – blues and greys on a background of white. However I can’t help it, red is also one of my favourite colours to use in a design concept. It is a colour that conveys more emotion than any other. From drama to romance, power to bravery. And in some Asian cultures it’s also seen as good luck and holds significant importance.  Used correctly red can make an open space feel more intimate and cosy. If you think back to a room that you most enjoyed spending time in, a room that really felt like home, how big was that room? For most of us our favourite spaces tend to be smaller, more enclosed. Red can help us achieve this feeling when used in the perfect amount and in the right way.

I have been living with red in my open plan living/dining room/kitchen for the past 3 years. It felt like a brave decision to cover a whole wall in red patterned wallpaper. I then took it a step further and incorporated more red throughout the space using red fabrics and accessories – even my kettle and toaster are a bright red colour! In fact I love red so much that a friend visited me last week and instead of bringing me flowers she handed me a bunch of red chilli’s to pop in a vase. I absolutely loved them. This is the room where I get readily complimented on the design. This is the space where people say they feel really happy and comfortable to spend time in. Red really does excel when used as an accent, it makes a statement and can bring your whole interior to life.

My gorgeous Maxwell & Williams mugs

What’s your favourite colour in your home right now?

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