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Feb 4, 2019 | Anoushka's Blog, Interior design and decoration

You guys probably saw that I was featured in a recent Reece post profiling 5 designers in Australia (click here if you missed it). It was a real honour to be included in the list, imagine how many designers they must work with! It got me thinking about bathroom design and what makes you stand out from a crowd.

Bathrooms are the most expensive room in the home to renovate. They take the most time, the most amount of trades to come through, patience with things like drying times, and also they are generally the smaller room in a home with the most fixtures, fittings and finishes. So when I approach a bathroom I like to simplify things.  There’s so much going into this space it’s really easy to layer one feature over another and at the end it turns out to be a hot mess.

The process I go through is to start with the layout. Draw up a few different plans (if the space allows) and settle on the best both functionally and aesthetically. Then I work out my tile design. Is the house traditional or contemporary? Where do I want my feature to land, is it in a feature tile? Should this be a feature floor tile, wall or both? If the tiles are more subdued, perhaps a simple texture base tile in a soft grey or taupe then I look to the cabinetry to create a feature. Layering textures close in colour can be a wonderful combination for a calm and sophisticated bathroom design.

Once I have the layout, tile design and cabinetry design sorted (and honestly most of my bathrooms include custom cabinetry, it’s rare that I specify off the shelf vanities), I then look at tapware, bath, basin, shower etc. This should all tie in with your overall look and feel. Don’t put ornate traditional tapware in with a super contemporary bathroom, it just won’t read well in the room.

I pull this all together into a one page design board so I can see how the colours, textures and fixtures are all relating. And all being well, you achieve a beautiful design.

Here are my favourite bathrooms that I’ve worked on to date. And guess what? In my portfolio right now I’m working on 11 more!

Rose Bay – Traditional style to marry with the Art Deco building

Riverview – Contemporary family bathroom

Rozelle – Traditional blended with contemporary to match the house

Coogee – Compact apartment by the ocean

Sydney City – Masculine style for a contemporary apartment

Randwick – Old meets new contemporary bathroom

Lindfield – Ensuite in a modern new build

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