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Sep 22, 2014 | Anoushka's Blog

Part of the services I offer involve getting a home ready for sale. This is less about styling the property and more about physical work that needs to happen to ensure my client achieves the best possible price in the shortest time possible.

It’s important to show your home at it’s best. When potential buyers are viewing your home they will see areas that need work immediately. Buyers are far more critical than owners and depending on the market conditions, amount of housing stock in your suburb and desirability of your home and area presentation can make or break a sale.

This is where I get involved. Client’s call me to assist them to prepare the home. I recently completed one of these renovations for a client in Glebe, click here to view the property. Here we painted the whole house, so I provided my client with a colour consultation to ensure we selected the right colours for each space, pulling out the traditional features such as the cornicing in each room. We had the cabinetry in the kitchen painted and the dated terracotta coloured tile backsplash resurfaced into a neutral white. Sanding and staining the floors a dark chocolate colour instantly gave the property that feeling of classic elegance, and carpeting upstairs, changing up the window coverings to let in more light and general styling made this small, dark, dates terrace feel new, bright and fresh.

I love seeing the transformation that these properties go through in just a couple of weeks and with a small budget. With or without a professional, boost your property for sale with a small renovation. You’ll be surprised at the outcome and how much that extra investment of time and money can deliver in the end#.

Happy decorating!

Lounge room ready for open house

Lounge room ready for open house

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