What is e-Designer?

This is an interior decoration service that I can provide to you completely online, no matter where you are based. It’s also a service that is accessible to everyone’s budget level. You may need help with one room, or several rooms but want to do some of the legwork yourself. Does this sound like you? Well …

Heres how it works

I gather lots of information about you, your style, and your home through an online questionnaire. I make it easy for you to send me information by being very clear about what I need and how to gather images and details to get me started. 

I then follow up with a video call to assess your home in more detail, including existing pieces and colour undertones. From there I pull a design together to meet your brief, budget requirements and ultimately to make your home more comfortable and beautiful.  

I put a lot of time and thought into sending you the following:

A stunning design board for each room.
A shopping list so you know exactly what to buy.
The reason I’ve recommended each piece and why they work so beautifully together.
A to scale furniture placement plan so you know exactly where to position your new pieces.


You also get a chance to provide feedback and you’ll get a round of revisions on me.

More added value

I also open up my trade suppliers to you through this process. What does this mean? It means that you have access to trade only unique items giving us more options to choose from to make your room truly original. It also means that I can offer you generous savings from retail pricing as I give you access my trade accounts.

e-designer fees


per room

Small rooms such as entryways, studies, and playrooms.
Discounts apply for multiple rooms of 3 or more.


per room

Large rooms such as living, dining, media, and bedrooms
Discounts apply for multiple rooms of 3 or more.
Anoushka Allum in red shirt


If you are looking for online interior design consultation I can also help. This might include discussing your floor plans, specifying paint colours, materials and finishes such as flooring, joinery, and Kitchen and Bathroom designs. I can offer you a lighter touch sounding board service to keep you on track. 

The choice is yours, but I advise you sign up to 3 consultations during your design process. We’ll spend up to 2 hours on each session via video call so I can guide you through the decision making. 


per call

Ready to get started?

Send me your plans here.

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