Oct 17, 2022 | Anoushka's Blog, Interior design and decoration

So often we get to the end of a full design process focussing in on interior design for the renovation or build, then decoration for the new spaces such as furnishings, artwork and lighting, and then the build happens, furniture arrives client moves in, and something is missing. Yes, it’s the styling! It’s so important to pull the whole look together through styling pieces. From vases to frames, sculptural pieces to books, candles and plants, all of these elements add another layer to your home that without them no matter how amazing the design it can feel a little cold. I offer this service at the end of the renovation and once furniture arrives. I either take my clients shopping or source independently and bring everything to their home, it can be so much fun!

With this in mind, over the next few posts I’m going to focus in on certain areas of the home that need attention when it comes to styling. Starting with shelves, sometimes the hardest area to style as they require a lot of thought and many pieces to bring them to life.

There are some key elements to bring into a shelf area, think about the following elements:

Vases and bowls 

Depending on the amount of shelves you’ll need a couple or several. These can be placed directly on the shelves or on top of books.


Yes the paper variety, less and less I see books in homes these days but one or two great books are fantastic to lie down and place items on top of, or even better a stack of books held with interesting bookends go a long way to style up your selves.


Several photo frames are also a must, I tend to try and use different sizes but keep the material the same for the frames.

Objects of interest

This could be a sculptural piece picked up on your travels, see below I have a brass bee on my shelves, he reminds me of someone that was close to me who loved bees. It could even be interesting candle stick holders, anything that means something to you and will peak interest.

Bee, brass singing bowl and succulent detail on wooden shelf


Pot plants, trailing plants, leafy plants, orchids, many of them! Amazing to use and brings a lovely natural element to your shelves.

And anything else you might have, place pieces on small trays, on top of books or next to your frames. Cluster your pieces in sets of 3, and then add in larger pieces that can sit on their own, especially if you have little cubby’s in your shelving. Take a look below at some shelves I’ve styled for inspiration.

Let me know if you have any questions, or feel free to send me your shelfies!

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