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Jun 25, 2018 | Uncategorized

Image source: SmartSpace Interiors Project

It makes sense to build our laundries smaller. Living in areas where real estate is expensive I know I would rather have a larger kitchen, living area or bathroom and my laundry be large enough to be functional but not so big that my other rooms suffer.

So in my time as a designer in Sydney I’ve seen plenty of cute but perfectly formed laundries (especially once my team of guys are finished with it!). So what do you need to think about when working out what to put where, fixtures and finishes, storage and light? Here’s is my checklist that I work through when thinking about a design for this space:

Honestly, I do prefer my washing machine and dryer to sit under a benchtop side by side. So if space allows this is what I aim for. It gives you plenty of working benchtop space for sorting and folding clothes. At times my clients forgo a laundry tub to achieve this. So think about it, if space is tight is there something you can compromise on if bench space is important to you?

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As important as layout, you must try and achieve good storage in your laundry. A floor to ceiling cupboard is optimal, but if you don’t have space for this think about cabinetry and open shelving above your appliances to make the most of wall space. And use every inch of space under your benchtops and tub with closed cabinetry.

Double up your powder room
This is what I’m planning to do in my own renovation. If you have 2 rooms side by side one with just a toilet and basin the other a laundry, think about combining the two. This will mean you can run benchtop right across your laundry area and across the top of an in-wall cistern toilet. Add in a tub/sink and it’s a multi-functional space. Not only is this practical but the room will feel really spacious.

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Behind closed doors
We call this a European laundry where it’s literally a laundry cupboard. Super practical for apartments, and if you stack your appliances you should be able to fit a tub too. If done badly these spaces can feel tight on space and cheap. Don’t scrimp here, choose a beautiful tile for the floor and backsplash (you won’t need much so this won’t break the bank) and use really great quality hinged, bi-fold or cavity sliding doors.

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When I’m designing a smaller laundry I like to keep things simple. Usually a lighter colour cabinetry and benchtop then I add a bit of colour and interest with a tile, mirrored splashback or glass. You can also add character through door hardware, tapware or a beautiful stone benchtop.

Image source: SmartSpace Interiors Project

I can’t wait to design my next laundry and share it with you all here. Happy wash day!

NOTE: Images used under Fair Use, and the above commentary is a personal view and not commercial in nature, and were sourced from a variety of online sources and personal archives.

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