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Jul 4, 2016 | Uncategorized

home-1438305_640As you know, from time-to-time, SmartSpace Interiors and my projects are featured in magazines, newspapers and online.

And recently I was thrilled to be interviewed and profiled in an article by Bupa Home Insurance, on maximising space in apartments.  The article, ‘Small Apartment Ideas: Clever Colour & Lighting Tips’, profiles Australia’s leading interior designers, including SmartSpace.  It offers fantastic ideas on how to create a more visual space with clever lighting and colour schemes.

But don’t believe that small Spaces are limited to urban homes or apartments alone!  My projects come in all shapes and sizes and I regularly come across awkward nooks, alcoves, spaces or angles that people aren’t sure how to tackle.

I’ve always been passionate about getting the most out of a space and smart design.  Not just in terms of aesthetics, but also maximising the usage, flexibility (where appropriate) and enjoyment that people get out of their homes.  Small spaces, of course, offer their own set of challenges to overcome, namely working with the space constraints, the existing built environment and meeting the needs of my clients.  However, combining my knowledge, experience and creativity with client input often results in a look and feel that is unique and almost impossible to duplicate.

So whether it’s a crafty layout, multipurpose areas, space defying furniture (like wall-bed systems), innovative storage or the clever use of paint and lighting; I use industry expertise to amaze my clients and maximise the space they do have.

Check out the article here.  And for more information about working with SmartSpace, contact me here.

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