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May 6, 2020 | Anoushka's Blog, Interior design and decoration

Anoushka working at computer

Hi all, so you may have noticed I’ve been quiet on here for some time. Since December really, just the odd image post but not much blog writing. Back in December my website migrated over to a new platform ready for a rebuild. I stopped blogging and have been spending that time working with my website and brand designer on a new look and feel.

SmartSpace Interiors has been around 10 years this year. In that time, it’s been quite a journey, with a specialisation initially in small spaces, apartment renovations, clever storage ideas and how to make those small spaces seem larger and more functional. I so loved working on those apartments and transforming them into something special for their owners. I was also working from the Cremorne on the lower Northshore of Sydney surrounded by apartments in desperate need of attention, what a perfect match.

Small apartment renovation in Lane Cove

However, as time went on, and as my network grew, I started to work on large freestanding family homes in and around Sydney. Sometimes these were simply furnishing projects, or cosmetic renovations, perhaps a couple of bathrooms or a kitchen design. But soon I was working with architects, draftsman and builders to extend homes, add first floor additions and sometimes completely knock down and rebuild. I relish the challenge, depth and detail of these projects and soon found I was good at them too!

Large home knock down rebuild in Lindfield

And that’s how Anoushka Allum Design has come about. I moved to the upper Northshore of Sydney 20 months ago, and I’m now realigning myself by putting myself out there more to connect with my clients, on a deeper personal level. Some of my projects can last a year maybe two, it’s such a personal relationship. And the new website will reflect the services that I offer, both small apartment renovations and large home extensions and rebuilds and of course anything in between. I will also continue to decorate, furnish and style, which is quite often part of the brief for these projects, but I do also offer this as a standalone service when needed. So here it is, the new brand, and the new website. Take a look, let me know what you think. I’m excited for this next chapter and what better way to do it than with my own name at the forefront – Anoushka Allum Design – YES!!!

And look out for my new E-Designer service. More on that in my next blog post next week.

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