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Some of you may have spotted in my own home photo’s the vibrant and colourful artwork above my kitchen banquette seating. And if you’re following me on Instagram you’ll have seen me mentioning the artist behind those beautiful pieces – Hayley Wills. When I spotted her work in Instagram I instantly fell in love. There’s definitely an Australian native botanical inspiration in her work,  and of course we all know that this is very on trend at the moment. But what I love about Hayley’s work is that it’s not super obvious, it’s more about colour and pattern composition, this is very clever.

So, I wanted to do an interview with Hayley, to really understand what inspires her, how she trained and what the future might hold for her too. Here’s what she said:

Did you formally train in fine art? What’s your background?

“I am a self taught visual artist from Brisbane. I have painted on and off since I was 5 but didn’t start selling my work until 2017. I am a stay at home mum of three so I run my little business while the family sleeps. Prior to having children I got a business degree at university and then worked in organisations that supported people with disabilities.”

What inspires you the most to pick up a paint brush and start a new piece?

“I mainly paint botanical pieces so I am inspired by the everyday plants and trees that surround me. There are so many more plants and Australian natives I would love to paint one day, the inspiration and possibilities are endless. I also love colour so adding vibrancy to every piece excites me!”

How many of your own pieces do you have hung in your home 😊?

“Only two are mine and when I get tired of seeing my own work I give them away and start something new! I am constantly swapping paintings and decor around, it’s a bit of a hobby!”

What artists do you love?

“Beth Kennedy, Georgie Wilson, Jackie Anderson, Kate Quinn. Plus many many more!!”

Tell us more about this new colab with, It’s so exciting

“Jumbled is a gorgeous store in Orange NSW that I have loved for some time! They have a number of well known artists and makers so I was very chuffed to have the chance to stock some of my pieces there.”

Have you enjoyed taking your pieces into the print fabrics space? What appealed to you there?

“Yes seeing my work on fabric was such a delight! I really enjoyed being part of the whole process of design to dresses. They are a small business in Sydney made up of a lovely team of ladies that are committed to ethical and sustainable practices. Learning that they use and support other small businesses in the process really appealed to me. Seeing the end product was a very proud moment!”

What does the future hold for Hayley Wills?

“I have really enjoyed meeting and collaborating with so many people on this little journey. I am booked for 2020 with private commissions, which I am grateful for in this current climate. As my children grow older I will be able to run the business in school hours. I am open to any opportunity that pops up!”

If you are interested in Hayley’s work hop over to her Instagram and follow her there, or I’d be more than happy to hook you up, just get in contact.

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